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Varadkar: No EU free trade deal without the backstop


Ireland’s clueless Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is insisting that the backstop is non-negotiable as a No Deal Brexit looks increasingly likely.


New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had made clear this morning that: “A time-limit is not enough. If an agreement is to be reached, it must be clearly understood that the way to the deal goes by way of the abolition of the backstop.”

And now Varadkar has responded by saying: “The position of the European Union and the position of Ireland has not changed.

“The backstop is an integral part of the withdrawal agreement, without the backstop there is no Withdrawal Agreement, there is no transition phase, there is no implementation phase and there will be no free trade agreement until all those matters are resolved.

“So I hope that the new UK Prime Minister has not chosen No Deal, but that will be up to them.”

Is Boris Johnson going to deliver – or will he fold?