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Vaccine Mandate for NHS Staff to Be Introduced by Spring 2022?


The government is believed to be announcing next week that the covid vaccination will be mandatory for the NHS’s more than one million staff members in England, according to reports.

Compulsory vaccination for elderly care home staff was already passed into law in June, with the deadline for full vaccination set for November 11th. With just one week ago, a report claimed that one in ten care home staff are not fully vaccinated — some 63,000 people — with around 13,000 employees having already left the care sector.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative government opened a consultation in September on enforcing the same rules on the around 1.45 million staff and while spokesmen have said the decision has not yet been finalised, insiders speaking to major British media claim that the measures will be introduced by March 31st.

If the measures are brought in, Health Secretary Javid is unlikely to go soft on the medical staff who refuse the jab, having already told care home staff that if they didn’t want to be vaccinated, they should get another job.