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Violent migrant granted leave to remain in the UK


A Zimbabwean asylum seeker who was jailed for possession of a hammer and racked up more than 60 convictions for drugs, robbery and assault has been granted leave to stay in the UK.

The 34-year-old thug arrived in the UK around 2017 and quickly became involved in serious crimes including drugs, robbery and assault.

But in spite of his appalling criminal record, he was granted leave to remain in the country two months ago.

This week, he appeared at Northampton Crown Court where he was jailed for possession of a weapon.

CCTV operators spotted two men behind a row of shops in Gainsborough Road, Corby, Northants., at 1.50am on February 16.

Maparura was carrying a hammer and his accomplice Reece Cruickshank was holding a wrench.

The operators followed the men on their screens as they 'caused a commotion' before running away.

The pair were later arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery but the victim refused to co-operate so they were charged with possession of offensive weapons.

They admitted the charges and Maparura, of Northampton, was jailed for one year and four months.

Cruickshank will be sentenced later this month.

Sentencing Maparura, Judge Rupert Mayo said: 'The courts take very seriously any public display of weapons when they’re brandished or used to present a threat to people who are out and about.

'You have a dreadful record for using weapons.

'You have been an asylum seeker since your arrival from Zimbabwe and I am glad that you have now been allowed to remain in this country but during that time you have amassed a huge amount of antecedents and have been gripped by drugs.

'This is a dreadful catalogue of serious convictions.'

The court heard Maparura’s staggering list of crimes include being caught with heroin and cocaine which were tied to his genitals.

Carrie-Ann Garness, prosecuting, said police stopped him last February for another matter and when officers searched him they discovered the drugs wrapped in a cigarette paper 'between his penis and testicles.'

His criminal record includes robbery, supplying and smuggling drugs and drug dealing, committed across several different counties.

The court heard that he was found guilty of knife possession in 2017.

He also has five convictions for failing to comply with court orders.

In 2018 he was jailed for 16 weeks for shoplifting and cannabis possession.

While on licence from prison he was jailed for attacking a motorist. He was accused of battering the victim with a hammer which he denied.

He was also convicted of possession of cocaine in 2019.

In July the same year Maparura was jailed for a year after he stole two vacuum cleaners from Curry’s PC World in Kettering armed with incapacitant spray.

In 2020 he was jailed again for smuggling drugs into a detention centre.

The same year he was jailed following a 'night of madness' where he rammed into police cars that were chasing him.

In July 2022 he was jailed for three years for controlled drugs offences and breaching a suspended sentence order.

Last July he was jailed for 31 weeks for possession of a hammer and a meat cleaver.

After his release last October, Maparura was jailed for 16 weeks for possession of cannabis, pregabalin, diazepam and zopiclone.

He was hauled back to court on November 23 where he was given a suspended sentence for possession of an offensive weapon.

Despite his string of convictions, Maparura was granted leave to remain in the UK, two months ago and was trying to find work as a forklift driver.

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 states that anyone convicted of a serious crime resulting in a custodial sentence of 12 months or more, who is considered a danger to the UK, could be denied asylum.