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Homeless migrants down cups of 'vodka' at 7am in London


Homeless migrants appear to have been drinking cups of vodka at 7am in their makeshift camp blighting London's swanky Mayfair district.

The group were pictured at a table outside their tents in the capital's exclusive Park Lane area, where they appeared to mix vodka with bottles of Coca-Cola.

Beaming a smile, one bearded man was photographed filling a glass with the liquid before dragging on a cigarette - with a large music speaker seen next to him.

The images come as Channel migrants who recently arrived in Britain partied after Labour's landslide victory over the Tories - saying Sir Keir Starmer's government 'will be very good for us'.

Labour has already announced plans to release the last two migrants detained as part of the Rwanda scheme after the new Prime Minister declared the Tory policy 'dead and buried'.

The images from Park Lane come as a row continues to rumble over the homeless migrants living in Mayfair.

The asylum seekers have previously been blasted for leaving behind piles of rubbish as they moved their tented village .

The group - which includes around 17 men and women, believed to be from Eastern Europe - recently relocated from the Hyde Park Corner area of Park Lane to land near Marble Arch.

Rubbish including plastic bottles, duvets, shoes and clothes was left behind at the site.

Black plastic bin bags and a sign with the message 'please, I'm very hungry, help me, God bless' were also among the items left behind.

Migrants were previously pictured setting up camp outside the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair, just yards away from Hyde Park.

A woman wearing a pink top and green trousers was seen sitting in a tent covering in a blue tarpaulin.

A man with a black hat, trousers and grey jacket was also spotted walking around the camp which was scattered with shopping trolleys, blow-up mattresses and crates.

Residents have reportedly alerted police and authorities about the encampment and rubbish left behind but are frustrated that nothing has been done.

In 2019, a homeless camp mainly made up of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants pitched up in the same area after being moved from Marble Arch by police.

And in July 2020, a group of people believed to be migrants also set up camp outside the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair, just yards away from Hyde Park.