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Von der Leyen: EU open to Brexit delay


The EU is running scared as October the 31st approaches. 

The new President of the European Union Commission is clearly up for a further delay to the UK’s exit from the EU – and is keen to stick with the treaty negotiated with Theresa May. Of course she is!

After becoming EU Commission President – in a process that saw her as the only candidate on the ballot paper – Von der Leyen told Sky News: “I think Brexit is not the end of something, but it’s the beginning of a new relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

“So we should be very careful how we deal with each other.

“And secondly it is very difficult to have Brexit. Therefore I said when there are good reasons, an extension might be possible.

“Because we should do everything  not to have a hard Brexit.”

When asked if she would change approach from Jean-Claude Juncker, she talked up the present deal that has been three times rejected by Parliament, saying: “No, I think we have a very good Withdrawal Agreement.

“The Withdrawal Agreement has been negotiated within the red lines the United Kingdom gave us and therefore if the situation changes, this is another game.

“But at the moment I’m very clear about that.”

Will the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, have the bottle to finally deliver Brexit on a No Deal basis at the end of October? Something tells me "NO."