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Vote English Democrats - TODAY


Only a vote for the English Democrats will raise the English Nationalist banner and stand against the Tory/Labour British traitors who are hell bent on erasing the English people from our own land.

English Democrats Chairman and veteran patriot, Robin Tilbrook is standing for England and the English!

Robin says: "I’m standing in this election to give local people the chance to protest against the Conservative government’s policies on immigration.

"Last year net migration figures hit an all-time high, and the cost of housing illegal migrants in hotels stood at an eye-watering £8 million per day (£2.92 billion per year).

"At the same time, normal folk are struggling with the cost of living and have to watch as prices rise and our wages need to be stretched further – all whilst the politicians in Westminster granted themselves ANOTHER pay rise!

"It’s time to protest against the system and to send a powerful message to the out-of-touch politicians – put our people first and stop flooding our country with migrants.

"Fourteen years of Tory misrule has left the country in a total mess – it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’ and vote for an alternative!

"Don’t sit at home in despair - make your vote count."

Below is a full list of our Candidates for the 2024 General Election:

Shrewsbury and Atcham – Christopher Bovill

East Grinstead & Uckfield – William Highton

Leigh and Atherton – Craig Alan Buckley

Bolton West – Patrick McGrath

Makerfield – Thomas Bryer

Dover and Deal – Stephen Laws

Bradford South – Thérèse Hirst

Newark – Matthew Darrington

Brentwood and Ongar – Robin Tilbrook

Boston and Skegness – David Dickason

Great Yarmouth – Catherine Blaiklock

Bury South – Stephen Morris

Dunstable & Leighton Buzzard – Antonio Vitellio

Barnsley South – Maxine Spencer

Barnsley North – Janus Polenceusz

If you live in an area where there is an English Democrat candidate, make sure not only that you vote for them, but also that you take along a friend or family member who otherwise may not bother to vote. You can vote even if you can't find your polling card, or even if you don't know where the polling station is - just head for your nearest school or church hall and you'll find it soon enough - just remember to take photographic ID!