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War grave smashed to pieces by vandals


Vandals have trashed a Commonwealth war grave in a Nuneaton cemetery.

Historian Ben Mayne was horrified to make the discovery in Bucks Hill cemetery at the weekend.


"You can tell it hasn't fallen, it has been kicked over," he said.

"This has been done on purpose, the people who have done this obviously don't realise or care what the grave is for.

"It is towards the front of the cemetery, so I suppose it was an easy target."

The Nuneaton resident spotted the damage as part of his ongoing work with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which honours and cares for the men and women of the Commonwealth who died in the First and Second World Wars.

A spokesman for Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) said the grave will be replaced.

“Through our EOHO volunteer we are aware of the broken headstone to Corporal Hamer. Although the cause of the damage is unknown, the broken headstone will be removed. A replacement is already on order," he said.