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Sadiq Khan's war on motorists continues


Sadiq Khan looks to be planning on using a new toll to plug the hole in Transport for London finances, and target drivers, once again.

City Hall has forecast that motorists will be charged to use the Blackwall Tunnel and the new Silvertown Tunnel from 2025.

It has been claimed that the money would then be used to plug a “black hole in TfL finances” after research from City Hall estimated £123million could be raised annually.

Blackwall Tunnel was previously free to drive through, while the new £2billion Silvertown Tunnel is set to open next year.

It had been suggested that Sadiq Khan proposed setting up the Blackwall toll at a cost of £5.25, with a return costing as much as £10.50.

​Transport for London has maintained that the levels of the tolls have not been decided yet, according to The Telegraph.

It claims that drivers are required to pay for both tunnels to ensure that traffic is not attracted to one disproportionately, requiring both to charge the same price.

City Hall said: “The revenue projections for the first full financial year that the tunnel operates were £123million. This included income from both tolling and penalties.

“The revenue from the user charge is expected to fund the construction and maintenance costs of the new tunnels, which has been privately financed by the Riverlinx consortium.”

This follows the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in August last year with thousands of people now included in the zone and eligible to be charged if their vehicle is not compliant.