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Why won't PM pay re-married war widows their rightful pensions?


War widows who lost their military pensions for finding love have been refused compensation by Rishi Sunak.

In April 2015, changes were introduced to the war widow pension scheme which mean that all those who qualified would receive the pension for life.

But the changes weren't applied retrospectively, leaving around 200 women unable to claim the money.

Moira Kane, Chair of the War Widows' Association, which has been campaigning for years to reverse the decision, says: "All other war widows have a pension for life since 2015. Just because of dates, these ladies are being treated differently to all other war widows.

"They should never have had their pension removed in the first place.

"We're calling on the PM to show the Government cares about our military families."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "We recognise the significant commitment that service families make to our country and continue to consider ways to support those who are affected by the 2015 pension changes."