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Weekly Roundup


If the BBC, Sky and the rest of the fake news media were to be believed, we would by now be at war with Russia.

The ruling regimes which imposed the plandemic have switched from wanting to jab our young men and women, to conscripting them as cannon-fodder to keep Ukraine safe for neo-Nazis and to make Moscow and Hong Kong safe for 'Pride' parades and LGBTQ+ 'marriage'.

But, of course, the liberal Lying Press are NOT to be believed. That's the whole point. They lied about WMDs in Iraq. They lied about gas attacks in Syria. They’ve lied to us for decades about everything from wars to immigration. Just remember all the lies they’ve told about the Covid ‘pandemic’.

They lie! It's what they do. So whatever lies they come up with next - whether it's some new 'plague' or a false flag attack in Ukraine - don't believe a word of it!

The plain truth is that both Joe Biden and his ridiculous puppet Boris Johnson are rattling sabres abroad to draw attention from their disastrous failures at home. It’s a very old trick!