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Thousands Protest Against WEF-Backed ’15-Minute Cities’


Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Oxford on Saturday against the World Economic Forum-backed idea of so-called 15-minute cities as the local government announced that it would be trialling such a scheme.

Last year, the Oxfordshire County and City Councils in England proposed a “traffic filter system” trial scheme that would see licence plate-reading cameras installed for the purpose of fining citizens who drive their cars to other areas of the city without exemptions or resident permits during certain times of day.

The plan, which is set to begin a trial phase next year, is part of a broader movement for the formation of a supposedly more environmentally friendly - climate lockdown - ’15-minute city’.

“The 15-minute neighbourhoods proposal aims to ensure that every resident has all the essentials (shops, healthcare, parks) within a 15-minute walk of their home. They aim to support and add services, not restrict them,” the Oxford Council claimed.

The idea of a 15-minute city was first coined by Colombian-born Parisian Professor Carlos Moreno, who previously served as a member of the revolutionary socialist M-19 guerrilla movement.

It has since been championed by socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, as well as globalist organisations such as Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF).

The local government has denied that people will be confined to their districts, but many have raised concerns that the concept could lay the groundwork for more totalitarian control, particularly in service of the green agenda, with some expressing fears that they could be used to imposed lockdowns for climate change — a claim the council denies.