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What the Media is Hiding From YOU!!!


Revelry, fireworks, large groups of happy, young people celebrating the new year together; these were the scenes shown on all major television stations across Europe as 2019 drew to a close.

But that is not the whole story. In the inner cities, the "New Europeans" ran riot. Of course, the controlled fake news media dare not cover the actual, lest they run the risk of being branded "racists."

Here is just some, and I do mean some, of the footage our media masters have decided is worth flushing down the memory hole.


The Ireland of today bears no resemblance to the Ireland seen in The Quiet Man movie. Do not expect to see many actual Irish people either. Dublin is now occupied territory, a mini colony of Africa and Asia. Just have a look at how the "New Irish" celebrated the new year...


France, the eldest daughter of the church, for centuries the European powerhouse, the land of Voltaire, De Gaulle, Monet is now in the hands of alien occupiers. For two decades, these alien occupiers have made New Year's Eve their night to rampage, riot and burn France to the ground. In Strasbourg, it has become a bit of a tradition...


So much so, that the media barely covers the mayhem anymore. And it isn't just the good people of Strasbourg that must contend with having their family cars set ablaze, their daughters raped and their sons beat half to death for the latest Iphone, this enriching diversity is also dished out to unfortunate citizens of Paris as the video below shows...


It was the mass rape of the women of Cologne on New Year's Eve which brought the world's attention to the less than gentlemanly behaviour of Muslim refugees. Now the "New Germans" are celebrating the New Year's, much like they do, in their old homelands. Have a look for yourself...