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Whistleblower US scientist who worked with Wuhan lab claims COVID WAS genetically engineered and leaked from the site


A scientist who worked closely with a US-funded Wuhan lab has claimed that Covid was genetically engineered and leaked from the Chinese facility.

Dr Andrew Huff, the former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, called the pandemic the 'one of the greatest cover-ups in history' and the 'biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11.'

In his expert opinion, whistleblower Huff believes that grant funding provided by Anthony Fauci by way of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to EcoHealth Alliance, was linked to the 'creation of SARS-CoV-2.'

He claims NIH '[funded] gain-of-function work and the US intelligence community was aware of and appeared to have been involved' with this work.

Gain-of-function work is been widely believed to have created SARS-CoV-2, Huff stressing that it was key in creating the aggressive and contagious disease.

Huff said that it shouldn't be a surprise that China lied about the outbreak and then went to 'extraordinary lengths to make it appear as if the disease emerged naturally.'

'The shocking part of all of this is how the United States government lied to all of us,' he said.

EcoHealth Alliance had been studying different coronaviruses in bats for more than ten years with funding from the NIH - and developed close working ties with the Wuhan lab.

In September, Anthony Fauci, who has spent over five decades in the federal government and has been the face of the coronavirus pandemic response, awarded EcoHealth more money. 

The organization received a $653,392 grant to analyze 'the potential for future bat coronavirus emergence in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam,' according to the Wall Street Journal.

NIH have identified the region as 'high risk for future emergence of novel coronaviruses and the potential site where SARS-CoV-2 first 'spilled over' from bats to people.'

While the NIH is promoting EcoHealth Alliance's claim that Covid-19 emerged through a 'spill over' from animals.

Many scientists disagree and have said the circumstantial and biological evidence suggest a lab leak.

Huff, who worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016, serving as vice president from 2015, said he worked on the classified side of the research program as a US government scientist.

In 2019, the Wuhan lab started working with the EcoHealth Alliance on a USAID program called PREDICT, which focuses on emerging pandemic threats.

PREDICT had been designed to detect and find zoonotic viruses with pandemic potential – including coronaviruses.