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The newest woke BBC training workshop for managers...


A bizarre BBC training workshop tells managers to keep up their blood sugar levels – because tiredness could lead them to drop their guard and racially profile job candidates.

The in-house programme to tackle 'unconscious bias' – a discredited technique – also tells senior staff not to organise team drinks unless they know everyone can attend because someone may feel 'left out'.

And it says employees must accept they are all capable of 'micro-incivilities' which have a 'huge impact' on colleagues' wellbeing.

All managers must sit the course and the BBC has said it aims for 95 per cent of staff to participate.

Presentation slides reveal bosses are instructed to 'take a deep breath' and consider whether they are about to commit a 'microaggression' – or unintentionally discriminate against someone – before making any decisions.

Guidance to bosses interviewing job candidates advises them that if they feel tired they may pick someone based on unconscious racism.

It states: 'When you're recruiting, ensure your blood sugar levels don't become low. Low energy, tiredness and low blood sugar increase our reliance on assumptions and bias.'

A 'riddle' asks staff to guess the identity of a surgeon and anyone who assumes they are male is labelled as having a 'gender bias' – despite 80 per cent of UK surgeons being male.