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Woke Scout Leaders prohibit children from using certain terms and words


Scout Leaders have created a "woke" style guide, prohibiting children aged between 10 to 14 from using certain terms and words to avoid causing offence to people of "all genders, religions, races and to those who live with a disability".

The document outlines how children are told to use "first name" or "given name" instead, while "previous name" is preferred to "maiden name" as it is an "outdated term".

Children are instructed to refer to Australia and New Zealand by the countries names, instead of "down under".

The game "Chinese whispers" has also been renamed as "broken telephone" in the new woke style guide.

The Scout Association faced backlash earlier this year, following the introduction of a "trans fun badge" for members as young as four.

Members were also offered a "bisexual fun badge", a "lesbian fun badge" and a "Pride fun badge".