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Illegal immigrant 'raped woman in park'


An illegal immigrant raped a woman in a park after giving her a vial of unidentified liquid, a court has heard.

Saad Gomaa, 35, sat down next to a woman on a bench in Skegness' Tower Gardens before telling her he was "illegal".

Lincoln Crown Court then heard that the man gave her a "vial" of liquid before raping her.

After the incident, the woman called 999 and police found her "in a very drunk and distressed state".

Gomaa was arrested in a nightclub close to the scene and interviewed by an Arabic interpreter.

Clive Stockwell KC, prosecuting, said: "It became clear to her the man wasn't English. The word she says she got from him is that he was 'illegal'.

"She recalls being on the ground with the defendant next to her. They had moved to a bushed area where there was no CCTV coverage.

"She began to panic. She told the defendant she did not want to have sex with him.

"This was rape, pure and simple. The prosecution case is she was in no fit state to want or agree to sexual intercourse."

Mr Stockwell said the woman remembered being given the vial and was given no indication as to what was in it.

He added: "She did not know what it was or what effect it may or may not have had."

Gomaa denies rape and claims sex was consensual.

The trial at Lincoln crown court continues.