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Woman in hijab launches bigoted attack on bus


A woman in a hijab launched a bigoted attack on a member of the public on a London bus last week with the footage going viral on social media.

During the altercation, the woman who was dressed in a hijab a garment often worn by Muslim woman in public, claimed a passenger on the same bus as her and her mother ‘stinks of curry’.

The woman’s mother had clashed with the bus driver after she made the decision no-one else should be allowed on the bus due to overcrowding, when a male passenger attempted to calm the situation down between the mother and bus driver he was met with a mouthful of abuse.

Referring to an area in London, mobile phone video shows the woman scream at the man: “You smell of curry, dumb b**tard. Go back to your f**king Southall slum.”

A woman who is believed to be the aggressor’s mother restrains her as she lashes out, shouting “no let me hit” speaking about the male passenger.

In the video footage, male passenger can be heard telling the woman “everyone is on my side”.

The altercation took place on the 195 bus from Romney Road in Brentford in West London on Saturday.

The Metropolitan police have not yet issued any statements about the incident, but you can bet your mortgage that she will face NO legal action. Now, that is what you call privilege!