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Woke Madness: University cuts the word 'woman' from its maternity leave policy


A woke university has cut the word 'woman' from its maternity leave policy.

Guidance from the University of the Arts London (UAL) tells staff maternity applies to 'all genders'.

UAL said it was 'proud' of its parental leave policy. A spokesman said 'the language used accurately reflects' its inclusive policies.

The university has also scrapped the word from its menopause policy - preferring instead to use 'individual', 'person' and 'people'.

It reads: 'UAL recognise that menopause may also be experienced by colleagues who do not identify as female, so this guidance and support content is intended to support anyone experiencing menopause, regardless of their gender identity.'

Ranked among the top 20 best universities in the country by the Guardian University Guide, it raked in £384.9million in 2021/22 - including more than £300,000 in taxpayers' cash in grants and contracts from UK and overseas governments.

James Purnell leads the institution as its newly appointed President and Vice-Chancellor. Boasting a basic salary of £295,000 he joined the institution after a seven-year stint at the BBC.

The removal of language relating to female biology within the University of Arts London staff policies is yet another example of where gender identity beliefs are taking precedence above all else, including scientific fact.