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Woke council spends taxpayer money re-painting zebra crossings


A rainbow zebra crossing in Blackpool has been blasted an "eyesore" as residents brand the new road makeover a "waste of money".

The colourful crossings appeared overnight on Dickson Road with contractors, Uni-Play UK working through the night to transform the tarmac.

The colours painted represent the "Progress Pride flag" in "celebration of the long established LGBTQ+ history and diversity of the area".

Blackpool Council say the new road design is the first in planned improvements - dubbed "Be Who You Want To Be" project.

However, the scheme has been slammed by residents who have questioned the project amid a series of "funding issues" and concerns for people with guide dogs.

One social media user wrote: "Never talk about the cost of living crisis whilst you are increasing Council Tax and wasting it on this. You are a disgrace."

Another added: "It's an eyesore and very dangerous for guide dogs and people with vision issues."

While a third said: "Stop wasting tax payers money on these pointless virtue signalling exercises."

It comes as households in the town will see their council tax bills rise by five per cent this April after the town’s ruling Labour group agreed a budget which includes £16m of cuts.

The Council say the latest diversity scheme was created following meetings, a number of focus groups, discussions and a survey.

It was launched by the council and its partners including The Blackpool North Shore Business Group, Renaissance Charity, LGBTQ+ Facebook Friends, hotelier’s group BAGS and Pride Blackpool in October 2023.

Cllr Lynn Williams, Leader of the Council and ward councillor for Claremont said: "I am delighted to see the first steps of the ‘Be Who You Want To Be’ Action Plan being put into place so quickly in the Claremont area.

"The new rainbow crossings bring an injection of colour and are a celebration of the long established LGBTQ+ history and diversity of the area.

"The LGBTQ+ community and businesses are very important to the economy of our town and I want the improvements made through the Action Plan to make this area to feel vibrant, unique and safe for everyone.

"There is still more work to be done but I’m proud that we’re committed to developing the identity of this area of the town centre, making it an area of inclusivity for everyone to be who they want to be."