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ZERO Illegal Boat Migrants Deported Since Brexit Despite Record Arrivals


Priti Patel’s Home Office has reportedly failed to launch a single deportation flight for illegal migrants since the United Kingdom officially left the European Union’s institutions at the beginning of the year.

So far this year, a record 587 boat migrants have been brought ashore by the authorities, with 66 illegals landing on Tuesday. This is over double the number that landed during the same time period last year, which stood at 246.

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom amended its immigration laws, meaning that migrants can no longer claim asylum if they were either intercepted at sea or are found to have passed through a safe third country prior to coming to Britain.

Despite this, the Home Office under the leadership of Priti Patel has yet to carry out any flights to deport the hundreds of migrants that have landed this year.

The EU’s Dublin agreement on the return of migrants expired following the end of the 2020 “transition” period in which the UK remained an EU member in all but name. Since then, the government has failed to come to an agreement with the European Union over the return of failed asylum seekers or illegal migrants, and is still not turning them back on its own initiative.

It has also been revealed that the former military barracks turned migrant camp in Folkestone, Kent, has cost the British taxpayer nearly £1 million to police since opening in September of last year.

Amid record-breaking illegal boat migration last year, the Home Office began housing migrants, some of whom were lethally violent, in hotels across the country.