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Zuckerberg asks liberal states what to ban next! [video]


Globalist governments in Europe are expanding their crackdown on free speech through restrictions on social media and Internet speech. Now Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has asked the EU’s largely socialist governments for regulations stipulating what speech will be permitted on Facebook and other platforms. The regimes crushing free expression though hate speech laws are being empowered to clamp down even more.

Zuckerberg told an assembly of Western leaders Saturday at the Munich Security Conference that “There should be more guidance and regulation from the states on basically — take political advertising as an example — what discourse should be allowed?” He did add: “Or, on the balance of free expression and some things that people call harmful expression, where do you draw the line?” His comments mean that government will now dictate the range of free speech.

As tragically demonstrated in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, speech regulations inevitably expand with time. The desire to silence one’s critics becomes insatiable for both governments and individuals.