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Home Office hands out diversity and inclusion cards

Home Office civil servants have been provided with packs of ‘Inclusion Cards’ to prompt discussions about diversity and safe spaces before meetings.

Labour snubs St George's flag

As Keir arrived at his new home, the flag of St George was not given to supporters on Downing Street - despite Union Jacks, Saltires, and Welsh flags being provided.

Vote English Democrats - TODAY

Only a vote for the English Democrats will raise the English Nationalist banner and stand against the Tory/Labour British traitors who are hell bent on erasing the English people from our own land.

Uni boss urges students not to use term 'illegal migrants'

Students have been told not to use the term "illegal migrants" and to use the word "undocumented" instead.

Ed Sheeran slams 'all areas' of London as 'dangerous'

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has criticised the capital as being "sketchy" and "dangerous".

NatWest angers farmers by urging customers to buy less red meat

NatWest has angered British farmers by urging its customers to buy less red meat and to replace dairy products with plant-based alternatives.

4 in 10 Brits unable to cover 3 months of living expenses

Despite freshly announced growth in the UK's GDP, four in ten Brits say they do not have funds to cover three months of living expenses, new research has found.

Labour will force every borough to take ‘fair share’ of migrants, says Rayner

Every borough in the UK will take its “fair share” of migrants if Labour enter No10 after July 4, deputy leader Angela Rayner has revealed.

Cows, Sheep, and Pigs Face World’s First Carbon Tax in Denmark

Livestock farmers in Denmark have been warned the farts and burps from their cows, sheep, and pigs will be measured and taxed from 2030, the first country in the world to do so as it targets methane emissions.