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Greater Manchester - 2nd most dangerous place to live in England & Wales


On 29th December 18 the Daily Mail published the Home Office statistics which showed that Greater Manchester is the 2nd most dangerous place to live in England and Wales.

Within hours of the publication, Greater Manchester saw another Islamic terrorist attack within yards of the Manchester Arena entrance where on 22nd May 2017 another Islamic Terrorist massacred Twenty-two people, injured over 220, and more than half of them children.

The Response from Andy Burnham, the Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester, to the arena attack was “We are grieving today but we are strong. Today it will be business as usual as far as possible in our great city.”

Move forward to the events of 31st December 2018, just outside the entrance to the previous Islamic terrorist attack, again we hear the usual platitudes from the Labour Mayor “but the city is strong, united and resilient”. This echo’s the usual platitudes from his colleague the Labour Mayor of Greater London who stated after an Islamic Terrorist attack in London “Part and Parcel of living in a modern city”

Greater Manchester doesn’t need platitudes, Greater Manchester needs a Mayor who, as head of Greater Manchester Police, will be Tough on Crime, Tough on Causes of Crime, and support the Police in tackling Islamic extremism without being shackled by Labours’ political correctness.

Stephen Morris – English Democrats