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Birmingham: Four arrested for Child Rape

Four males, two men and two teenagers, have been charged with serious sexual offences involving children. 

This Day in History - 17th May country was in a state of Civil War and English barons, in revolt against King John, took possession of London.

The Express covers our Brexit Legal Challenge

This week, one mainstream newspaper, the Daily Express, finally gave our Brexit legal challenge the coverage it deserves.

Brexit: Update From Robin Tilbrook

It is infuriating and frustrating to watch the slow car crash that the British Political Establishment are driving Brexit into.  The Remainer game plan becomes clearer as more and more Remainers demand a second Referendum. 


This Day in History - 16th May III of England laid the foundation stone of a new Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey, thus beginning the new abbey-church which was completed in 1245.


MP's Debate New Islamophobia Definition

Adopting a new official definition of Islamophobia could hinder our counter-terror efforts, a leading police chief has said. 

MP's Vow to Vote Down May’s Deal

MP's are set to vote against Theresa May's modified Brexit bill following her announcement that a new vote will take place next month on June the 3rd.

This Day in History - 15th May

1464 The Battle of Hexham (Northumberland). It marked the end of significant Lancastrian resistance in the north of England during the early part of the reign of Edward IV.


Brexit Vote Scheduled for Next Month

In yet another attempt to push her phony Brexit bill through Parliament, Theresa May will introduce new laws to implement her treason bill and give Westminster MP's a vote on the new bill next month.