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How Prevent became 'political correctness' battleground

The UK's flagship anti-terror strategy is being undermined by a politically correct emphasis on right-wing extremism over more dangerous Islamist radicalism.

Paedophile Policeman Fired Following Sex Abuse Convictions

Paedophile policeman Farooq Ahmed has been dismissed from the Greater Manchester Police force following his conviction for multiple child sex offences.

French fishermen threaten Channel blockade

French fishermen are threatening a Channel blockade after the EU refused to back Emmanuel Macron's demand for tough action against the UK over post-Brexit rights.

CBBC presenter found with extreme animal pornography on his phone is spared prison

A former CBBC presenter who had 'revolting' animal porn on his phone and laptop has been spared prison after a judge told him he 'betrayed his loyal viewers.'

Number of babies born to foreign mothers hit record high last year

Nearly a third of babies born in England and Wales last year were to foreign mothers, the highest since records began four decades ago. 

Failed Asylum Seekers May Be Allowed to Stay Over Modern Slavery Claims

“Hundreds” of failed asylum seekers could see their deportation decisions reversed after a Vietnamese migrant won a case against the government’s decision to deny her refugee status after she was trafficked into the country for forced labour in a cannabis farm and as a prostitute.

US airlines cancel thousands of flights as pilots protest forced COVID vaxx

You won't see this news on the BBC! It began with a trickle –– and then a flood –– of tweets on Sunday about Southwest Airline pilots calling in sick to protest their company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and then a cascade of reports that pilots from other airlines, as well as critical employees in other segments of the transportation industry, are preparing to follow suit.  

Now LEGO goes woke!

Danish toy giant LEGO has announced that it will endeavour to remove “harmful” gender stereotypes from its line because boys are reluctant to play with toys marketed towards girls.

More migrants land on English coast after 40 boats brought 1,000 in two days

More than 1,000 people have made the trip across the English Channel to the UK in two days in at least 40 boats.