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Free English Patriot Badges Available Now

Being English today is becoming more and more difficult as anyone who voices pride in our flag, patron saint, history or even sport is immediately classed as a ‘Racist’ or some kind extremist! Well I am bloody sick of it!!

Boris Declares He Will Not Cap Immigration

Boris Johnson has once again promoted himself as a “pro-immigration politician” and refused to commit to reducing it below its current near-record highs.

"Based Amy" Vs Soubry: The Day after the Verdict

On Wednesday at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Based Amy was found guilty of harassing Anna Soubry and banned from entering Broxtowe, the Constituency in which she is standing as a Candidate for The English Democrats in the upcoming General Election.


Now Available: England Till I Die Badge


Islamist jailed for life after attempted murder of prison officer

An Islamic extremist who as he tried to behead a fellow prison inmate has been jailed for life after attacking two Norfolk prison officers in the same prison.

English Democrats in the General Election

In the run up to this General Election we were all being repeatedly assured by Nigel Farage that his Brexit Party Ltd was going to stand in every seat. With nominations due to close on Thursday, it was fundamentally too late to get candidates lined up when he announced it on Monday, 11th  that he was not going to stand his Party in any of the seats that the Conservatives won last time - even where the Conservative who got elected was a Remainer! 

Happy St Edmund's day

Edmund the Martyr was crowned King of East Anglia in 855 or 856 and was venerated as a Martyr Saint soon after his death at the hands of Danish Vikings on 20th November 869. This date remains St Edmund’s Feast Day today.

FREE Limited-Edition, Anti-EU Badge!

In the week the so-called ‘Supreme Court’ dissolved our democracy and made the Queen, OUR Queen redundant we have re-released our FREE LIMITED EDITION - ANTI EU badge so you can publicly show your defiance and contempt for these unelected liberal despots!

Persecuted patriot stands for English Democrats

English Democrats to field persecuted patriot against Anna Soubry. “Based Amy,” an English Patriot awaiting trial for the “harassment” of Soubry, will go head-to-head to unseat the ROGUE MP. The FIGHT is on…let’s do it!