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Two more arrested from Rotherham's grooming gangs

Officers have made two more arrests as part of an investigation into the abuse of nine girls in Rotherham, alleged to have taken place around 17 to 20 years ago.

Our English School System Prioritises Minorities

White working-class children have been systematically disadvantaged in the United Kingdom as educational institutions prioritise children from minority backgrounds, a report submitted to the House of Commons Education Select Committee found.

Thousands of Anti-Lockdown Protesters take to London streets

Once again thousands of anti-lockdown demonstrators have gathered in London’s central Trafalgar Square. 

House of Lords blows £54,000 on smoking area and furniture

The House of Lords has spent more than £54,000 on a new smoking area and luxury furniture for the Parliamentary terrace, it can be revealed.

237,000 families quit paying the BBC licence fee

THE BBC has lost nearly £40million in income as 237,000 less households are paying the licence fee than they did last year.

Covid19(84): Government's 'cure' killing more people than the disease

Truly shocking figures reveal that 173,000 patients suffering from life-threatening diseases did not attend hospital appointments between March and June this year.

Scientist who fled China says COVID-19 was 'created in military lab'

A LEADING Chinese scientist has published research claiming the coronavirus came from a military lab in China and not from a wet market.

Bravery medal for Army dog that took out Al Qaeda sniper

A heroic Army dog is to receive the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after he took out an Al Qaeda gunman – allowing special forces to storm the enemy compound.

UK forces have more diversity officers than warships

THE MINISTRY of Defence is jeopardising the UK's military capability by prioritising its "woke" agenda over the need for effective armed forces, a think tank chief has said after it was revealed UK forces now have more diversity officers than warships.