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Another 100 migrants beat asylum ban deadline to arrive in Dover

Dozens of migrants were intercepted by Border Force crossing the Channel in small boats on Friday (17th March) - the largest group since the government unveiled its Illegal Migration Bill was announced last week.

Daily Mail Pushes Ridiculous ‘Child-Free Women Are Happier’ Narrative

Despite facing an ageing population and the supposed spectre of demographic declines, which much of the political and media class insist can only be mitigated with indefinite, record-breaking mass migration year on year, high-profile articles pushing the “child-free” life are commonplace.

Criminal gang guilty of smuggling people to UK in back of refrigerated lorry

Five members of an organised criminal gang have been convicted of smuggling people into the UK in the back of a refrigerated lorry.

The gang’s activities were uncovered during a four-year investigation by the National Crime Agency.

British Army has been so degraded by cuts the UK is no longer capable of fighting a war on its own, says senior officer

A senior military officer says the British Army has been so degraded by defence cuts that it no longer has enough troops and equipment to be able to fight wars on its own.

NHS waiting list shoots to ANOTHER record high

The number of people in England waiting for routine hospital treatment has soared to another record high.

Violent thugs battle on the street of Bradford with weapons

Large groups of men were seen grappling and punching each other in broad daylight on Tickhill Street, Bradford on Sunday as bystanders screamed out 'please' and 'stop'.

Labour council applied for its own 400 vehicles to be exempt from Khan's ULEZ expansion

A Labour council has put on a rank display of hypocrisy after backing Sadiq Khan's outrageous expansion of London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) - then asking for an exemption for its own 400 vehicles.

Govt Aimed to Use ‘Fear/Guilt’ to ‘Frighten’ Public Into Obeying Lockdown

Leaked messages seen by the press have revealed how the Government aimed to use “fear” and “guilt” to force mass compliance with the country’s outrageous covid lockdown regime.

Channel migrants to be barred from using human rights laws to avoid deportation

Channel migrants will be barred from using human rights laws to avoid removal from Britain under measures to be unveiled by Suella Braverman.