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Veterans BANNED from Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph

Year after year, it is always one of the most moving sights in the calendar. For as far as the eye can see, there are veterans of all ages — a few frail witnesses to Monte Cassino or the Burmese jungle or the huts of Bletchley Park; old sweats from Korea or Malaya or Aden; the ranks of those who served in the Falklands or Ulster or the Gulf or Afghanistan . . .

There, too, are many more to whom our debt is just as great: the war widows, the families who grew up without a father, the support services which have done their bit in times of trouble.

Gunman 'shouting Allahu Akbar' BEHEADS a man in Paris

A suspected Islamist terrorist thought to be wearing an explosive vest has been shot dead by French police near Paris after allegedly beheading another man with a knife.

Spy Chief Confirms Islamists are Biggest UK Terror Threat

New MI5 director-general Ken McCallum has confirmed that Islamist jihadists remain by far the biggest terror threat in the UK — but the mainstream media has chosen to hype his remarks on the comparatively minor threat from the right instead.

English fishing boats ATTACKED with flares and rocks

English fishing boats have been attacked by French vessels in a row over scallops - after similar violence broke out in 2018.

WHO admits lockdowns are a ‘ghastly global catastrophe’

The World Health Organization (WHO), whose credibility has been considered by many the ultimate authority justifying severe coronavirus mitigation policies—and even zealous high-tech censorship—has reversed another position, this time on lockdowns. 

Contact Tracing Data Sold to Third Parties

Data collected for tracking the China virus is mandated by the government to be held by businesses for only 21 days and not be used “for any purposes other than for NHS Test and Trace”. However, some contractors are using QR codes to pilfer names, addresses, email information, and phone numbers — which they, in turn, sell to advertising and credit card companies, as well as insurance brokers.

BLM: Colonial legacy of Admiral Lord Nelson 'to be re-evaluated'

Lord Horatio Nelson's legacy will be reviewed by the National Maritime Museum as part of its efforts to challenge Britain's 'barbaric history of race and colonialism'.

Covid: 'Cure' is worse than the virus

As a cancer specialist for more than 30 years, Professor Angus Dalgleish has dealt with many young adults who have died before their time. 

He has the following to say about the current Covid situation...

Westminster MPs to get pay rise during covid crisis

UK lawmakers are set to be handed a pay rise as millions of workers face economic uncertainty due to local lockdowns.