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Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge

Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge

Corbyn denies supporting ‘send black Brits to Africa" Plan

Communist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to deny supporting a fellow Labour MP's plan to offer grants to black Brits to resettle in Africa and the Caribbean.

English Voice - Farage Betrays Brexit

In the run up to this General Election we were all repeatedly assured by Nigel Farage that his Brexit Party Ltd was going to stand in every seat. 

Commie Corbyn Promises Immigration Rises if Elected

Communist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has defended the free movement of people, saying: “We all benefit from people moving to, living in and working in different societies.”


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Major Announcement: Graham Moore running for English Democrats

We are pleased to announce “Daddy Dragon” Graham Moore, one of England’s most well-known patriotic activists, will be running as The English Democrats to become MP of Bexleyheath & Crayford in the upcoming General Elections.

ED Candidate "Based Amy" Running Against Traitor Anna Soubry

We are pleased to inform our members and supporters that English Patriot "Based Amy" Dalla Mura is running against Brexit traitor Anna Soubry for her Commons seat.

Corbyn's Red Mask Slips: Under Socialism you WILL Cooperate

The softly spoken, polite Jeremy Corbyn of old is gone. Now, we see his true colours shining through; that colour is the bloody red of socialism!

This Day in History - 17th November

1558 The Elizabethan era began when Mary I, England's first queen (also known as 'Bloody Mary'), died at St James's Palace London. She was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I.