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Bercow admits Stopping Clean-Break Brexit

Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has admitted that he had a “handmaiden role” in helping to stop a clean-break Brexit.

This Day in History - 3rd December

1795 Sir Rowland Hill, postal pioneer and founder of the 'Penny Post' was born.

Free English Patriot Badges Available Now

Being English today is becoming more and more difficult as anyone who voices pride in our flag, patron saint, history or even sport is immediately classed as a ‘Racist’ or some kind extremist! Well I am bloody sick of it!!

Sadiq Khan: ‘Our Strength Is Our Diversity’

You really couldn't make it up! London mayor Sadiq Khan told reporters that diversity is one of our capital’s strengths in the wake of the London Bridge attack.

Call to Action - Broxtowe - 3rd December

Call to ACTION - Broxtowe - 3rd December


FREE Limited-Edition, Anti-EU Badge!

In the week the so-called ‘Supreme Court’ dissolved our democracy and made the Queen, OUR Queen redundant we have re-released our FREE LIMITED EDITION - ANTI EU badge so you can publicly show your defiance and contempt for these unelected liberal despots!

This Day in History - 2nd December

1697 The rebuilt St Paul’s Cathedral, the work of Sir Christopher Wren, was opened. The previous cathedral had been destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge

Sutton Hoo Free Lapel Badge

This Day in History - 1st December

1135 England's King Henry I died. He had fallen ill seven days earlier after eating too many lampreys (jawless fish resembling eels). He was 66, and had ruled for 35 years.