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Corbyn prepares no confidence vote in government

Jeremy Corbyn preparing to launch a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s government, according to the latest reports.

This Day in History - 15th August

1842 The first regular British detective force was formed as a division of the Metropolitan Police, under the joint command of Inspector Pearce and Inspector John Haynes. In 1878 it became known as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Hammond to lead Tory Rebels AGAINST Brexit

 Ex-Chancellor and Europhile Philip Hammond is conspiring with fellow anti-democratic elements within the Tory party to bring down Prime Minister Boris Johnson and bring Brexit to a grinding halt, according to latest reports.

Free English Patriot Badge Available Now

Being English today is becoming more and more difficult as anyone who voices pride in our flag, patron saint, history or even sport is immediately classed as a ‘Racist’ or some kind extremist! Well I am bloody sick of it!!

BBC Staff Gets Raise While Cutting Free Licences for Elderly

Staff at the BBC have been handed massive pay raises of between 10 and more than 20 per cent, while it continues to claim it cannot afford to provide free television licences for over-75s.

This Day in History - 14th August

1852 The first public lavatory was opened, on London's Fleet Street.

Bercow Vows to Stop No Deal Brexit

Speaker and arch Europhile John Bercow has vowed to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson from suspending parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit “with every breath in my body”.


Some good news for you my fellow English Patriot. As you know, Labour and Labour supporters in the media are always very quick to point the finger every way except Labour when there is even the most technical fault in the nomination process, but when it is one of their own they try to protect them!


Last week on the 1st August there was a Parliamentary by-election, the reports of which had been very overshadowed by the national political events, like the formation of the new Boris Johnson Premiership and Cabinet.  Then almost out of the blue, as it were, we learnt that the Conservatives have lost the seat.