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Asylum seekers to be sent to rural areas

Asylum seekers are to be sent to rural areas in an effort by the Home Office to apparently secure a fairer distribution of migrants around the country.

England confirm players will take a knee at Qatar World Cup

Gareth Southgate insists his England players WILL take a knee at the World Cup in Qatar, starting against Iran on Monday in their Group B opener. The team did not take a knee before their two most recent matches but will again return to doing the gesture over the winter.

Asylum seeker accused of rape at migrant hotel ‘goes missing’ in Buckinghamshire

An asylum seeker arrested for rape at a migrant hotel has gone missing after being transferred to another hotel booked by the Home Office.

Net immigration to rise from 136,000 to 224,000 next year

Net migration into Britain is due to be more than 75,000 people a year higher than expected in the middle of the decade.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has revealed it had revised up its prediction from just six months ago that the number of people arriving in Britain would outnumber those leaving from 136,000 to 224,000.

Over 500 anti-Christian hate crimes recorded in Europe last year

Over 500 anti-Christian hate crimes were recorded in Europe last year, according to new research by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe (OIDAC). 

Border Force vessels and French Navy ships heard colluding to provide 'handover' of traffickers' boats

British Government vessels and French Navy ships are colluding in the Channel to provide a 'handover' of traffickers' boats bringing illegal migrants to the UK.

A businessman trading in seafood from Ramsgate has recordings, taken legally, rrevealing the extraordinary level of co-operation at sea between the two nations in 'pass the parcel' operations organised by Border Force officers and French warship captains.


War memorial set on fire by vandals one day after Remembrance Sunday

Poppy wreaths on Edinburgh's war memorial were set alight by vandals just one day after Remembrance Sunday.

The attack on the war memorial, which sits outside the City Chambers building in the Royal Mile, has been condemned as "disgusting and disrespectful" by The Provost of Edinburgh, Robert Aldridge.

People smugglers hide migrants in trucks of Christmas presents

People smugglers are bringing Albanian migrants into the country alongside Christmas presents, it has been revealed. 

Remembrance Sunday, a Moment to Reflect

Remembrance Sunday is a time to reflect upon the sacrifices made by our veterans and service personnel on operations around the world. We must never forget those who gave their lives in defence of our values and our great nation.