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The Brexit Party Mask Slips

In such dark times, it is tempting for Patriots to throw their weight behind those who promise to reverse the decline of our beloved country, to uphold Brexit and Democracy and make England a country we can be proud of once again.

English Dems case mentioned at highest levels in Washington DC

It is thought that Boris Johnson and his Downing street team have a ‘secret weapon’ to allow us to leave the EU on the 31st October . Speculation is rife in Westminster as to what this may be with some arguing that it could in fact be the Tilbrook case that was even mentioned in Parliament by Ian Duncan Smith. Now the highly respected Political Magazine The Washington Times has picked up on this story:

This Day in History - 18th September

1685 The Taunton Assize trials came in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedgemoor, which ended the Monmouth Rebellion in England. The trials were led by Lord Chief Justice George Jeffreys. 

Met Chief Rules out Tasers for All Police Officers

Despite the rising violence on the streets of our capital, Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick has ruled out issuing tasers to all London Metropolitan officers.

This Day in History - 17th September

1701 King James II of England died whilst in exile in France.

Teachers Spreading Anti-Brexit Propaganda at Slough School

Pupils at a school in Slough are accusing teachers of peddling anti-Brexit “propaganda.”

Did you miss the Brexit Update on our legal Challenge?

English Democrats Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights Over Brexit case! (It’s NOT over yet…by a long shot!)

This Day in History - 16th September

1387 King Henry V was born at Monmouth Castle. He went on to win the Battle of Agincourt against the French on St Crispin’s Day.