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A QUARTER of all incoming MEPs to be anti-Brussels

Brexit might have already happened, but it's interesting news coming out of Europe with the results of the European Parliament elections over the weekend, and the so-called right are now set to hold almost a quarter of the seats in the European Parliament.

Bibby Stockholm migrant bit a police officer as he was being arrested

An asylum seeker who tried taking cannabis onboard the Bibby Stockholm bit a police officer as he was being arrested.

Boat migrants took advantage of the D-Day anniversary

People smugglers have been accused of taking advantage of D-Day commemorations after launching perilous crossings while world leaders attended historic events along the French coast on the 6th June.

D-Day Remembered

As we mark 80 years since D-Day, we are delighted to share with you this rare colour footage shot June 1944 by documentary filmmaker Jack Lieb, who, finding himself too old for the draft, worked for newsreel company News of the Day and shot the D-Day landings.

Google set to ‘support’ UK elections with new measures to combat ‘misinformation’

Google has found itself yet another election to “support.”

Illegal migrant sets up home in pub's smoking area

An illegal migrant has set up home in a pub's smoking area, but despite the authorities being told, no-one has come to pick him up.

Parachute Jump over Normandy Opens Commemorations for 80th Anniversary of D-Day

Parachutists jumping from World War II-era planes hurled themselves Sunday into now peaceful Normandy skies where war once raged, heralding a week of ceremonies for the fast-disappearing generation of Allied troops who fought from D-Day beaches 80 years ago to Hitler’s fall, helping free Europe.

Attacker stabs multiple people on LIVE STREAM in German city

Multiple people have been injured after a knifeman apparently stabbed members of the public on a YouTube live stream in the German city of Mannheim.

Car carrying 14 people including eight children stopped by police

Police officers have spoken of their shock after 14 people were discovered in a Vauxhall, despite the vehicle only having space for seven people.