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Asylum seekers to be granted up to SIXTEEN THOUSAND homes

The Home Office has built up a stock of 16,000 properties for asylum seekers as young people struggle to get on the housing ladder.

All aboard the £6m Suffragette line

Sadiq Khan's Transport for London paid a branding agency more than £115,000 to explore 'decolonisation and queer histories' over five months of 'naming research' before it unveiled the revamp of the London Overground lines.

Couple's horror as council tries to buy their house for asylum seekers

An elderly couple who had just moved into their £200,000 house were horrified to receive a letter from their council suggesting the property could be subject to compulsory purchase and used to house asylum seekers.

EU meddles, set new Defra catch regulations for pollack

A family that has been fishing off the coast of England for 14 generations have been forced to quit the industry due to new government regulations.

Ministry of Defence has 93 diversity networks

The Ministry of Defence has established 93 different diversity networks for personnel to discuss race, gender and mental health.

Army want Armistice Day to be less Christian

Soldiers have been told to make Remembrance commemorations more 'inclusive' by making them less Christian.

Woke campaigners target fairgrounds

Woke animal rights campaigners have claimed English fairgrounds should stop featuring horses and other animals on carousels as it encourages exploitation.

Abdul Ezedi thought to be DEAD, claim police

Clapham chemical attacker Abdul Ezedi is thought to be dead, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The 35-year-old injured a mother and two daughters in a horrific corrosive substance attack in Clapham last month, with police locked in a thorough search for the attacker since January 31.

English countryside declared "racist" and "colonial"

The English countryside is a 'racist, colonial' white space, wildlife charities have said.

The claim was made by Wildlife and Countryside Link, a group with 80 members including WWF, the RSPCA and National Trust.