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SNP: Scotland wants Open Borders

You didn't really think that the SNP are looking out for the best interest of the Scottish people, did you? Well, they care even less for the people of England!

london: 3 Acid Attacks in ONE Day

Acid attacks in England's capital are now at unprecedented levels, exposing an irrefutable failure by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan and the government in tackling the growing epidemic and this week saw THREE acid attacks in ONE day in our capital.

This Day in History - 26th June, Duke of Gloucester, began to rule England as Richard III, having deposed his nephew, Edward V. Edward and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, were soon afterwards murdered in the Tower of London.


Lefties want "Pro-Brexit" Dad’s Army cancelled

 This is all part of the left-wing agenda to strip countries of their national identity and culture. That's what the lefties do: strip a people of its cultural and historical references and impose their own "loving and tolerant" worldview upon their rootless hosts.

This Day in History - 25th June death, at the age of 37, of Mary Tudor, the younger sister of King Henry VIII and queen consort of France through her marriage to Louis XII. She was first buried at the abbey at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, but her body was moved to nearby St. Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, when the abbey was destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. 


The Guardian calls for Political Censorship

It is not as if we did not know the liberal fascists at The Guardian were opposed to free speech; but it is nice to see them lay their cards on the table and openly call for its suppression.

4 Rochdale predators STILL not deported

Our soft-touch justice system allows foreign child rapists to walk our streets, while single mothers are jailed for failure to pay for a TV license; you could not make it up!

This Day in History - 24th June

1497 John Cabot, a Venetian navigator and explorer under the commission of Henry VII, reached America in his ship The Matthew, having set sail in May from Bristol. His precise landing-place is uncertain, with Cape Bonavista or St. John's in Newfoundland being the most likely sites. 

The fight for Brexit goes on!

As we analyse the results of the EU elections let us NOT forget that the Brexit party has no power whatsoever to get us out of the EU, Great result YES but utterly powerless to change one single letter on Mays treasonable amendments!