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Do NOT Be Fooled By Brexit Traitors!

Do NOT allow the political elite to rob YOU of our right to Brexit!

Back the ‘SAVE BREXIT’ legal case so no matter who takes over, our decision to LEAVE will be ensured by LAW!

This Day in History - 7th June Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, was tried for treason (he was executed on 22nd June).

10,000 knives seized in Crackdown

Change UK party Collapses

The anti-Brexit Change UK party has collapsed just four months after their formation. 

This Day in History - 6th June Ashmolean Museum, on Oxford's Beaumont Street, opened as the world's first university museum.


Peterborough By-Election: Support the English Democrats

Peterborough By-Election: Support the English Democrats Candidate 

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75 Years On: Remembering D-Day

75 years to the day, we remember those young Englishmen that left their towns, villages and cities to brave the bombs and bullets on the blood drenched beaches on Normandy.

This Day in History - 5th June missionary Boniface, 'the Apostle of Germany', was murdered in Germany by unbelievers, along with 53 of his companions.


Chinese Drug Linked to 125 Deaths

The National Crime Agency has warned a deadly new drug produced in China is linked to at least 125 deaths has reached England.