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HMRC wasting MILLIONS on woke jobs

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has been told it "needs to get in shape" after figures emerged showing the department is spending just shy of £4.5million every year on a string of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) roles.

Black Lives Matter fraudster is ordered to pay back just £1

A fraudster who organised the Black Lives Matter protests that toppled the Colston statue stole £70,000 - but has been ordered to pay back just £1.

BBC spent nearly £750,000 on school fees over two years

The BBC has spent nearly £400,000 on school fees in the past year for the children of foreign-based journalists, averaging about £20,000 per child.

Police launch manhunt after fatal stabbing of woman in Bradford

Police have launched a manhunt after a mother pushing her baby in a pram was fatally stabbed.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed Habibur Masum, 25, is wanted over the attack.

Royal Navy spends £2.4million on 'diversity and inclusion team'

The Royal Navy has splashed out £2.4million on dedicated diversity and inclusion staff in recent years at a time when defence budgets are more constrained than ever, ministers have admitted.

Four in Ten Repeat Knife Crime Offenders Spared Jail Time

The lax judicial system is sparing more repeat knife crime offenders from prison than at any time since the government introduced a so-called two-strike system in 2015.

BBC's Wolf Hall and their deliberate distortion of history

Wolf Hall, the BBC and PBS drama based on Hilary Mantel's novels, is heading back to screens after a near-decade-long hiatus.

Set in 16th-century England, Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light depicts Thomas Cromwell's (played by Mark Rylance) rise to one of the country's most feared and important figures during Henry VIII's (Damian Lewis) reign.

Asylum-seeker raped a schoolgirl - Cannot be stripped of British citizenship

A bogus asylum seeker who raped a schoolgirl cannot be stripped of his British citizenship due to bungling officials.

Cost of Living: Energy giants pocketing £420bn profit

Energy giants have pocketed £420billion in profits in just four years as millions of Britons struggle with soaring bills and the cost-of-living crisis - and fat-cat bosses cash in with seven-figure pay-packets.