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BBC Plays Song About Pimping ‘White Girls’

The BBC has been accused of 'glamorising sexual exploitation' by promoting a grime star's song boasting about using 'white girls' to sell drugs and sex.


82% of Tories Want May to Resign

In a poll hosted by the ConservativeHome website, the vast majority of Conservative members want Theresa May to stand down immediately.

This Day in History - 5th May barons renounced their allegiance to King John; part of a chain of events that led to the signing of the Magna Carta.


Talks Between Blair & Soros Covered Up

Allegations that Information about talks between Tony Blair and George Soros have been redacted from official reports of Davos meetings published by the European Commission are only now coming to the surface.

This Day in History - 4th May Battle of Tewkesbury, the last battle in the Wars of the Roses, took place. Edward IV defeated a Lancastrian Army and killed Edward, Prince of Wales.


MI5: Islamic Terrorism Remains A Threat

Radical Islamic terrorism remains the most acute security threat to the United Kingdom, according to the Director-General of MI5.

murder rate soars to 10-year peak

Official statistics reveal murder and manslaughter rates hit a 10-year high, rising from 655 in 2017 to 732 last year - a six per cent increase. 

The EU Election Call to Arms

As a Party that has long been committed to coming out of the EU, the English Democrats are naturally reluctant to get involved in another round of EU elections.  However, on reflection there is a benefit for the case which we are fighting for a Declaration from the High Court, declaring that UK has already left the EU as of the 29th March 2019. 


Tories AND Labour Haemorrhage Seats

As results for local elections in England continue to roll in, the Conservative Party under Theresa May has already lost over 400 councillors, with pollsters predicted these losses could double by the time the counting is over — but voters have also turned on the Labour Party, in what looks to have been a bad night for the two-party establishment.