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This Day in History - 11th August

1576 English navigator Martin Frobisher, on his search for the Northwest Passage, entered the bay in Canada now named after him.

Khan: ‘only criminals want a no-deal Brexit’

The incompetent Mayor of our capital city, London, Sadiq Khan has been widely accused of “scaremongering”, after he has given his opinion that only criminals “want” a no deal Brexit.


Most Brits Now Back No Deal Exit

We suspect they have all along. It is just the Europhiles at the BBC or the rest of the fake news media would never produce a poll that would show that result.

This Day in History - 10th August the Battle of Maldon (Essex) the English were defeated by a band of inland-raiding Vikings. After the battle, Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury and aldermen advised King Aethelred to buy off the Vikings rather than continue the armed struggle. The result was a payment of 10,000 Roman pounds (3,300 kg) of silver.

Faith in EU Falls Amid Brexit Delay

Voters have reported an increase in Euroscepticism since 2016 amid the UK's Brexit negotiations. 


Gang Attacks Man, Strips him of Clothes

A police manhunt is underway after a man was beaten unconscious and stripped of his clothes by a gang of Asian men.


Officer Injured in Machete Attack

A police officer was stabbed in the head with a machete in east London. The suspect has been detained and has been charged with attempted murder.

This Day in History - 9th August at Newgate Jail were used as 'guinea pigs' to test vaccines used against disease.

Petition: Say NO to Hijab for English School girls!