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MP's Vow to Vote Down May’s Deal

MP's are set to vote against Theresa May's modified Brexit bill following her announcement that a new vote will take place next month on June the 3rd.

This Day in History - 15th May

1464 The Battle of Hexham (Northumberland). It marked the end of significant Lancastrian resistance in the north of England during the early part of the reign of Edward IV.


Brexit Vote Scheduled for Next Month

In yet another attempt to push her phony Brexit bill through Parliament, Theresa May will introduce new laws to implement her treason bill and give Westminster MP's a vote on the new bill next month.

England, Knife Crime and the NHS

One of the NHS' leading surgeons has warned that the UK’s knife crime epidemic is having a “ripple effect” across the Health Service, causing operations to be cancelled, delays in seeing patients and strains on ambulance services.


This Day in History - 14th May Walcher, the Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumberland, was murdered. As revenge, William the Conqueror ravaged the area and took the opportunity to invade Scotland and build the castle at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Verhofstadt plans to scrap EU members veto

Guy Verhofstadt insisted unanimity rules currently in place in the European Union hinder the decision-making powers of European institutions on matters such as migration.

Tories at fifth place in EU Polls

Theresa May's Conservative Party have fallen to fifth place in EU election polls, as talks with Corbyn's Labour party continue.

This Day in History - 13th May Tudor, Queen of France and Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, were officially married at Greenwich.


Ex-Minister Slams May's Brexit Betrayal

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit talks with the Labour Party are a "grave mistake", according to former defence secretary Gavin Williamson.