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Report exposes Oxfam abuses

For decades, Oxfam has presented itself as a humanitarian progressive charity. Now, the crimes of the virtue signalling charity have been laid bare for all to see. 

This Day in History - 12th June College, Oxford, was founded.


3 plead guilty to trying to force miscarriage

This is one of of the most harrowing stories you will here, except you will not here it on the BBC or the other fake news outlets.

Foreigners use slavery laws to avoid justice

Slavery is alive and well in modern England but the laws designed to protect genuine victims are being used by foreign criminals to evade justice.

Esther McVey in Brexit Case Brawl

Graham Moore made headlines earlier in the week when he took to the stage at Esther Mcvey’s speech at The Bruges Group and made loud representations about the lack of mainstream media attention given to the Robin Tilbrook Legal Case for Brexit

This Day in History - 11th June Tyler led the peasants of Southern England in a march to London; the first popular rebellion in English history. His leadership proved one of the chief factors in the success of protest against the harsh taxation of the poorer classes.


Javid: I'm a Big Fan of Immigration

And people said Javid was a hardline conservative after he banned ISIS bride Shamima Begum from returning...

Athelstan - First King of All England

On 27 October 939 Athelstan – the first and perhaps the greatest King of England – died in Gloucester at the age of 47. This man was remembered as a famous warrior who defeated the Danes and the Scots and forged the Kingdom, we now call England.


This Day in History - 10th June birth of James Francis Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender to the British throne and son of the deposed James II of England (James VII of Scotland).