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Extremist Gangs Forcing Prisoners to Convert

We no longer control our own prisons. The criminals and extremists are in charge now and if you ever had any doubts, the new government reports spells out the reality in black and white.

Christian MURDERED in London!

A 61-year-old father and director of the River Christian Centre has lost his life three days after being attacked during an argument over a dog in an East London Park.


Gove says He Would Delay Brexit if PM

Michael Gove, a contender for Tory Party leadership, has said if he were prime minister he would consider delaying the UK’s exit from the EU. He believes he could secure a “better deal”.

This Day in History - 9th June Church of England adopted the Book of Common Prayer, compiled by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer.

War Graves Smashed on D-Day Anniversary

Why? Why would you break headstones? What thrill would somebody get out of desecrating a hero's grave?

Murderer stabbed woman after being released

This is what happens in a country where criminals are allowed to run riot and murderers are given early release for "good behaviour."

Do NOT Be Fooled By Brexit Traitors!

Do NOT allow the political elite to rob YOU of our right to Brexit!

Back the ‘SAVE BREXIT’ legal case so no matter who takes over, our decision to LEAVE will be ensured by LAW!

This Day in History - 7th June Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, was tried for treason (he was executed on 22nd June).

10,000 knives seized in Crackdown