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The EU Election Call to Arms

As a Party that has long been committed to coming out of the EU, the English Democrats are naturally reluctant to get involved in another round of EU elections.  However, on reflection there is a benefit for the case which we are fighting for a Declaration from the High Court, declaring that UK has already left the EU as of the 29th March 2019. 


Tories AND Labour Haemorrhage Seats

As results for local elections in England continue to roll in, the Conservative Party under Theresa May has already lost over 400 councillors, with pollsters predicted these losses could double by the time the counting is over — but voters have also turned on the Labour Party, in what looks to have been a bad night for the two-party establishment.

This Day in History - 3rd May rising broke out in Cornwall, provoked by taxation. James Tutchet led an army of 15,000 from Taunton through the southern counties to attack London.

3 stabbed in capital overnight, 1 Dead

A boy of only 15 has been knifed to death in Hackney - one of three stabbings in Lawless London overnight. 


This Day in History - 2nd May Richard I gave Portsmouth its first Royal Charter. The date that such a charter was granted is considered to be when a city was founded.


May Facing New Cabinet REVOLT

THERESA May’s Cabinet is facing fresh splits amid reports the Government is seriously considering a customs union deal with Labour to get a Brexit agreement through Parliament.

Alleged Groomers ‘Raped’ Girl Aged 11

A vulnerable child living at a children’s home in Huddersfield was “deliberately targeted” for years of sexual abuse by Mohammed Akram and Usman Khalid, a jury has been told.


This Day in History - 1st April

May Day - originally a Roman festival which began on 28th April and lasted several days to mark the commencement of summer. In England, middle and lower classes would gather flowers - ‘go a maying’ - and the prettiest village maid was crowned Queen of the May, celebrated with dancing around the maypole.

May MUST END Brexit talks with Corbyn

According to a large poll, voters want Brexit talks between Theresa May’s Government and the Labour Party to end as soon as possible.