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‘Remoaners’ are demanding Brexit be stopped to deal with coronavirus

"London liberal elites" are attempting to stop Brexit from going ahead due to the coronavirus epidemic after author Jemma Forte suggested that the British Government should consider putting a hold on Brexit to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. 

Greta Thunberg brutally slammed by Jaguar Land Rover boss!

Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) outgoing boss accused Greta Thunberg and other climate activists of “doing wrong in many areas” by drawing attention to the issue of climate change but offering no way to tackle it. Ralf Speth, who has headed the car manufacturer for ten years, said that Thunberg’s criticism was “not justified” because businesses had also created a better world.

Suicides surge among UK army vets from Afghan mission [Video]

The UK's Minister for Veterans has expedited a mental health program to help former soldiers who served in Afghanistan after it recently emerged that there had been a surge in suicides among the grouping since the beginning of this year.

Destruction of the Traditional Family: 1 in FOUR pregnancies end in abortion

Women in England are having a record number of abortions, almost a quarter of pregnancies resulting in a termination, new figures revealed this week. Some 24 per cent of expectant mothers had termination in England and Wales in 2018, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Greece: Locals shout at migrants to "go away" as boat reaches Lesbos [Video]

A group of fed up local residents were seen barring a boat with over a dozen migrants from docking as it was approaching the shores of the Greek island of Lesbos at the start of March.

BREXIT: French fisherman’s threat to HANG British naval officer exposed

BREXIT means the UK has an opportunity to take back control of its fishing waters - but maritime disputes have got so heated in the past that one French fisherman threatened to hang a naval officer of the United Kingdom!

MPs handed inflation-busting pay rise to almost £82,000 a year - But will they even work for it?

MPs have been handed an inflation-busting pay rise which will see their annual salary soar to almost £82,000, and yet, under newly released Corona virus fighting plans, the Palace of Westminster could close for the Easter recess and not re-open again until after the summer.

Revealed: EU enforced thousands of EXTRA laws before Brexit was complete

The European Union has spent the entire Brexit process aiming to keep the UK tied to Brussels' laws and regulation - and since we voted to leave the bloc, they have continued to pile on extra rules.

One in three voters 'held their nose' and voted tactically in the last set of UK elections

A fresh study by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) found that 32% of voters plumped for a tactical vote rather than picking their preferred party or candidate in December's poll.