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1 in 50 Prisoners Identify as Transgender

Why do people automatically believe what are obvious lies put out there by liberal groups working to an agenda?

This Day in History - 15th July to the legend of St. Swithin, if it rains today, it will be the start of forty days of rain. St Swithin was bishop of Winchester Cathedral and asked to be buried outside it so that he would be exposed to ‘the feet of passers-by and the drops falling from above’.

Dozens of Illegal Boats Land in England

Yet again we see concern for those that flout our country's laws, and absolutely none for the native English people.


Algeria Football Fans Trash London

In parts of London last night there were bigger celebrations for Algeria making the finals of a football tournament, than there were for England winning the cricket World Cup.



This Day in History - 14th July official opening of the 137 mile long Grand Union Canal (Britain's longest canal) that links London to Birmingham.

Gina Miller Vows to Block No Deal Brexit

We are amazed at how this one otherwise unknown woman surfaces to disrupt parliament whenever there's a chance that democracy might prevail.

Manhunt in London after Car Attack

Good thing London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned plastic straws, or things really could have gotten out of control.


This Day in History - 13th July I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173–1174, was captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England. 

Migration Watch Slams Boris's Migrant Amnesty

If soon-to-be Prime Minister Boris gives amnesty to those that have flouted our laws, he and the Conservatives are finished. The English people have had enough.