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Hundreds of migrant boats intercepted in the English Channel are stored at warehouse in Dover as 2,800 people cross the channel so far this year

Hundreds of migrants boats intercepted in the English Channel are being stored at a warehouse complex in Dover as the latest figures show that more than 2,800 people have reached the UK this year. 

Dambuster dog's gravestone replaced by RAF to remove racial slur name

A gravestone dedicated to the Dambusters' dog has been replaced by RAF chiefs, in order to remove reference to his name, which is a racial slur.

Knife Crime Hits Record High While Murders Surge in London

Crimes committed with knives in Britain jumped 6 per cent over the previous year, with some 46,265 knife crimes being recorded in the year to March 2020 — when the government locked down the nation in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

BBC report: First world countries must respond to crash in fertility by totally opening their borders to unlimited mass migration

Falling fertility rates are “a success story” because they mean more women are in work and are not having children, according to a report by the BBC published on Wednesday.

BLM Figure Replaces Colston Statue in Bristol

In June, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol targeted the statue of merchant parliamentarian Edward Colston over his ties to the slave trade. The statue was toppled from its plinth in a outpouring of mob justice, before being dragged through the streets while being ceremonially beaten, before ultimately pushing it in the harbour, as local police stood back and watched.

The history of England - On This Day - 15th July

971 - According to the legend of St. Swithin, if it rains today, it will be the start of forty days of rain. St Swithin was bishop of Winchester Cathedral and asked to be buried outside it so that he would be exposed to ‘the feet of passers-by and the drops falling from above’.

England can’t deport Turkish gangster because he is married to EU citizen

A Turkish gangster has won a two-year battle against deportation from the UK — because he is married to an EU citizen.

He was detained after organised crime links were revealed by an undercover police probe.

Toppled statue of slave Trader Edward Colston in Bristol is replaced with a dummy of paedophile Jimmy Savile 

A mannequin depicting the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile has been placed on Edward Colston's Plinth. 


Almost 2 million acres of grassland lost as urban areas expand

A major loss of grassland and significant increases in urbanisation and woodland in Great Britain since 1990 have been revealed in a new scientific analysis of land cover changes across the country.