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6 More Convicted in Rotherham Rape Gangs Review

Six men of Pakistani origin have been convicted of the historic grooming and raping of vulnerable under-aged English girls in Rotherham.


This Day in History - 30th August

1146 A conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow. It was hoped that by banning the weapon, wars would eventually end. Despite the prohibition, crossbows continued to be used until the 16th century, when they were replaced by firearms.

Media Pushing undemocratic Remain Petition

Once again, we are astounded by the naked propaganda being espoused by the state broadcaster and other Channels with Boris taking decisive and legal action to ensure that his opponents cannot undermine the democratic will of the people.

PC madness reigns at the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint turned down a proposal to honour author Enid Blyton with a special edition coin due to concerns that her alleged views on race and gender.

This Day in History - 29th August

1782 The British battleship HMS Royal George sank off Spithead with the loss of more than 900 crew while repairs were being carried out beneath the ship's waterline.

Acid Attacks in London at record levels

The number of acid attacks in the capital is at record levels, having increased over tenfold in six years, with young children among the victims.


Archbishop to Chair ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ to Stop Brexit

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has been criticised for interfering in democracy over plans to chair a “Citizens’ Assembly” aimed at overturning the will of the people and stopping a no-deal Brexit.



Following up on my previous Blog article about taking on Facebook, I am trailblazing taking on Facebook.  As far as the Data Protection line of attack this is where I have got to so far:-

Breaking News: Govt asks Queen to Suspend Parliament

The Boris Johnson's government has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament just days after MPs return to work in September - and only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.