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Migrants climb fences, chant 'freedom' in protest at Kent barracks

Migrants have protested over living conditions under lockdown at a former military barracks.

Muslim convert who stabbed prayer leader asks to be sent to prison so he can learn Quran 'from start to finish'

A Muslim convert who stabbed a prayer leader in the neck in front of horrified worshippers in a London Mosque has asked for a prison sentence so he can learn the Quran 'from start to finish.'

Face masks make you stupid

In Joost Meerloo’s analysis of false confessions and totalitarian regimes, The Rape of the Mind, he coins a phrase for the ‘dumbing down’ of critical resistance – menticide. “In the totalitarian regime,” he wrote, “the doubting, inquisitive, and imaginative mind has to be suppressed. The totalitarian slave is only allowed to memorise, to salivate when the bell rings.”

London University failed one year to admit a single white working class student

A university that boasts of being one of the most diverse in the UK failed one year to admit a single white working class student.

Yet another deportation flight ends in fiasco

Just eight migrants ended up being removed after 18 put forward human rights appeals for the first time, seven claimed to be modern slavery victims, and three first-time human rights claims, seven said they were victims of modern slavery, and three had their lawyers move to subject their deportation orders to judicial review.

Migrants Complain Taxpayer-Funded Housing Is Like ‘Prison’

PROTESTS have been held at Penally camp, with the asylum seeker residents comparing it to a prison.

Number of patients waiting more than a year for treatment highest since 2008

National Health Service patients in England waiting more than one year for non-coronavirus treatment is at its highest since 2008, with an NHS report admitting it was likely a result of the UK’s response to the pandemic.

Libyan refugee pleads guilty to murdering three and trying to kill three others while shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' in Reading park

A Libyan refugee has pleaded guilty to murdering three friends and trying to kill three others while shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' in a 'terror attack' in Reading.

Romanian lorry driver jailed over plan to dodge deportation order

A Romanian lorry driver who attempted to smuggle four migrants out of the UK - thought to be as part of a plan to dodge a deportation order and smuggle them back in - has been jailed.