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Khan’s London: 43 Knife Crime Incidents Recorded Per Day

Gang violence in London has seen knife crime reportedly surge at its fastest rate in five years, with over 40 incidents logged with police per day, according to an analysis conducted by a top British broadsheet.

Officers furious at 'woke' demand to cut police fitness test

Police Federation equality lead Ian Saunders has “raised concerns” about the National Police Chiefs’ Council sticking to the current standard on the multi-stage fitness test - commonly known as the shuttle run - after he said its own commissioned research said it should drop.

Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to All Men

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men. Merry Christmas. To celebrate this joyous day, we bring you a clip from one of the best (fictionalised) films about the famous Christmas Truce on the Western Front in December 1914.

Deported Migrant: 'I'll be back and back and back'

A migrant who has entered the UK illegally on multiple occasions has vowed to return to Britain after a court ordered him to be deported again.

Christopher David, 45, illegally crossed into the UK at least four times since his first arrival in 2002.

Liverpool overrun by refugees sleeping rough

Liverpool is facing an enormous influx of refugees with many of them forced to sleep rough - and in some cases, right outside local residents' houses.

Why we should eat stilton all year, not just at Christmas

A cheesemaker in Leicestershire is encouraging seasonal stilton lovers to buy at least one more wedge of the cheese outside of Christmas to build back after a tough period.

Historic tree saved from being cut down

A historic tree that is older than the reign of King Henry VIII and William Shakespeare's plays has been saved from the chop.

Serial Snapchat rapist jailed for 12 years

A serial rapist dubbed the 'Brixton R Kelly' has been jailed for 12 years after committing a three-year campaign of sexual violence against six teenagers.

Teenage girl is 'raped on board a train'

Police have launched an urgent manhunt after a teenage girl was raped on board a C2C train.