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It has been interesting over the last few weeks to see a rise in attacks on the English Democrats and on myself and also on anybody who has supported us over our case (to have the High Court Declare that the UK left the EU at the expiry of our Notice on the 29th March).

This Day in History - 14th June II met leaders of Wat Tyler's Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath. The Tower of London was stormed by rebels who entered without resistance. The revolt later came to be seen as a mark of the beginning of the end of serfdom in medieval England. Although the revolt itself was a failure it increased awareness in the upper classes of the need for the reform of feudalism in England and the appalling misery felt by the lower classes as a result of their enforced near-slavery.


'One man crime wave' jailed for 10 Years

It is not just London that has is seeing a sharp rise in crime. Even the once peaceful Hull is grappling with the rising levels of crime.

New secrets from Prittlewell

In another spectacular find a team of more than 40 archaeological experts – including conservators, finds specialists, ancient timber specialists, and engineers have produced revolutionary new insights into the lavishly furnished wooden chamber and the man buried there. 

This Day in History - 13th June Charles I of England married Henrietta Maria of France.

Sadiq Khan hosts £300,000 beach party

While young Londoners are literally bleeding to death on the streets of our capital, Mayor Sadiq Khan is spending an incredible £300,000 on a five-week water festival in knife ravaged East London.

Report exposes Oxfam abuses

For decades, Oxfam has presented itself as a humanitarian progressive charity. Now, the crimes of the virtue signalling charity have been laid bare for all to see. 

This Day in History - 12th June College, Oxford, was founded.


3 plead guilty to trying to force miscarriage

This is one of of the most harrowing stories you will here, except you will not here it on the BBC or the other fake news outlets.