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The history of England - On This Day - 15th July

971 - According to the legend of St. Swithin, if it rains today, it will be the start of forty days of rain. St Swithin was bishop of Winchester Cathedral and asked to be buried outside it so that he would be exposed to ‘the feet of passers-by and the drops falling from above’.

England can’t deport Turkish gangster because he is married to EU citizen

A Turkish gangster has won a two-year battle against deportation from the UK — because he is married to an EU citizen.

He was detained after organised crime links were revealed by an undercover police probe.

Toppled statue of slave Trader Edward Colston in Bristol is replaced with a dummy of paedophile Jimmy Savile 

A mannequin depicting the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile has been placed on Edward Colston's Plinth. 


Almost 2 million acres of grassland lost as urban areas expand

A major loss of grassland and significant increases in urbanisation and woodland in Great Britain since 1990 have been revealed in a new scientific analysis of land cover changes across the country.

BREXIT: France receives nearly THREE times more EU funding than UK

The EU  continues to dish out billions more to France than the UK for farming, despite it being one of the wealthiest and prosperous nations in the bloc, new figures reveal.

BBC to scrap free tv licence for over 75s - here's how to cancel your licence NOW

BBC announced this week more than 3.7 million pensioners will have to pay for their TV licence from August 2020.

Delingpole: Not Terrorism – Just a Randomly Exploding Bus, Claims BBC

When four Muslim suicide bombers blew themselves up on the London Underground and on buses during the infamous 7/7 atrocities of 2005, 52 people died and more than 700 were injured.

Welsh government announce audit of statues, street names and building names

The leader of the Welsh government has announced an “urgent audit” of statues, street names, and building names “to address Wales’s connections with the slave trade”. 

Archbishop of York: Church of England is “too white"

The Church of England is “too white” while “Jesus was a black man”, according to the new Archbishop of York.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Stephen Cottrell praised the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and said his inauguration this week as a white man replacing outgoing Archbishop John Sentamu — who is black — is “awkward” for the church.