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Numerous councils blowing taxpayer money on awards dinners

Local councils across the UK have been wasting taxpayers' money after they spent almost £350,000 on sending staff to lavish awards dinners.

"Mystery" of the missing migrant "children"

More than 130 migrant "children" who have disappeared from UK hotels since the summer are still missing six months later, a minister admitted this week.

Council tax hike to hit almost one million households

Almost one million housholds are facing a devastating council tax rise as Labour Party-run councils teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

Jailed Rotherham rapist gets more time behind bars

A convicted Rotherham child rapist who violently degraded his victims has been sentenced to two more years for an indecent assault on another girl in Rotherham in the early 2000s.

Asylum seeker centre fights break out almost every night

Fights at a centre for Asylum seekers break out almost every night between migrants of different nationalities, a migrant has said.

England's Mary Earps makes Sports Personality of the Year shortlist

England goalkeeper Mary Earps has made the shortlist for this year's BBC Sports Personality of the Year award - with no other footballer making the cut. Earps is joined by five other sporting legends on the list, but none are footballers - male or female.

Woke virtue signalling: 'Crackless' Christmas crackers!

Christmas crackers without the audible crack have been branded as yet another “virtue signalling” opportunity as dinner guests in the House of Commons were left confused by the lack of snap.

BBC announces plan to spend £14.5m on fancy new studios

Days after the BBC announced that its licence fee will rise more than £10 per year, the broadcaster has revealed plans to open a £14.5m studio in Stratford.

Schools accused of rewriting history as they claim St Hadrian was 'black'

A programme is reportedly teaching children that St Hadrian was black despite there being no evidence for the claim.

The Dark Age abbot St Hadrian of Canterbury (also known as St Adrian) has been referred to as a “black scholar” in primary school teaching material.