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300 Illegal Migrants Arrive in the UK on Tuesday

Around 300 illegal migrants landed in Britain from France on Tuesday in the largest organised effort to cross illegally into Britain so far in 2022.

Woke rioter who attacked police officer is jailed for 5 years

A woman who was caught on camera attacking police officers and smashing the window of a police station in Bristol has been jailed for five-and-a-half years.

Flawed PCR tests: "Trust The Science"

It has been one of the most enduring Covid "conspiracy" theories: that the PCR tests used to diagnose the virus were picking up people who weren't actually infected.

Covid: Lancet study revises Britain's mortality

THE UK's death rate from coronavirus is much less than many other European nations when "a more comprehensive measure of the total impact" is factored in, according to new peer-reviewed research.

Pfizer vaccine side effects: At least 158,000 adverse events

Pfizer vaccine documents, which were reportedly obtained after doctors, professors and journalists filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have opened up what many will find to be shocking revelation.

Police Chief Labelled ‘Transphobic’ Over Biological Male Rapist Comments

A Police and Crime Commissioner has been officially reprimanded after speaking out about transgender rapists.

Government to Burn £Billions of Unusable PPE

Boris' government is preparing to incinerate a considerable portion of the £8.7 billion of personal protective equipment (PPE) bought by the Department of Health and Social Care during the coronavirus pandemic that was found to be unsuitable for use, and in some cases not even meeting basic medical standards.

SAY NO TO THE WAR! Sign & Share the petition

After two years of using Covid as the excuse to rob us blind, steal our freedoms and impose crushing fuel poverty, the global elite have found a new excuse for their Great Reset agenda - the bloody war in Ukraine that they have done so much to provoke.

Weekly Roundup: A man is known…

Just as “a man is known by the company he keeps,” so a Cause can and should be judged by those who support or oppose it. And the Nato-created regime in Kiev is being noisily backed by every single one of the individuals and institutions which have been so busy over the last two years in the destruction of our liberties and the promotion of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ pandemic.