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EU free trade deal with Mexico (started at same time as Brexit) is AGREED

A free trade deal struck between the EU and Mexico - which has parallels with the Brexit deal the UK is requesting - has triggered a backlash across Mexico and Europe.

Life After COVID: A Look At The New Economy

Many Americans have been locked down in their homes for more than a month now, and they’re anxiously awaiting the day when things “get back to normal.”


I regret to inform you, that we’re never going “back to normal".

BREXIT news: UK taxpayers ordered to pay up to £87million into EU fund for coronavirus recovery

UK taxpayers are helping to fund a £700 million European Union war chest to dish out assistance to coronavirus-stricken countries.

Terrorist pair who raised more than £2,000 for ISIS laugh as they are jailed

Two terrorists who raised funds for ‘fighter brothers’ in the Middle East laughed as they were jailed for a total of more than 14 years.

UK minister says govt may stop supporting ‘gender transition’ drugs, surgery for children

The equalities minister, Liz Truss, has suggested that the government may take measures to prevent children confused about their sex from harming themselves through so-called “gender transition treatment.”

UK tells EU that England WILL control the waters after futile Brexit demand

UK negotiators have again refused to budge after EU diplomat Michel Barnier called for a delay in the UK's departure from Brussels rules.

Border Force intercepts five migrant boats, taking arrivals for April to over 400 - the highest monthly total ever recorded

More than 70 migrants have been brought into Dover on Friday. It means April will be a record month for crossings as the total could already exceed 400, compared to the previous record of at least 336 refugees known to have landed last August. 

StayAtHome Is Murder. Getting Infected Is the Only Way Out of This — Precisely What They’re Keeping Us From

The Covid Rouge are shifting goalposts. We were told the shutdowns and lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve”. The danger we were told, was not that COVID would kill millions outright, but that because so many of those infected would require hospitalisation and ventilators that hospitals would become overwhelmed and could not offer help to those who could have otherwise been saved.

So — we were told — what we needed to do was sacrifice by staying inside to reduce the rate of transmission. If we did so maybe, just maybe we would be able to “flatten the curve” just enough that most of those who needed professional help in care centres would receive it.

Genocide of the Greeks 1913 - 1923 [video]

The genocide of the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians in their homelands by the Ottoman Turkish State erased over 3,500 years of history in just 10 years.