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This Day in History - 31st October

1795 The birth of John Keats, English romantic poet.

Tyrannical Bercow Is GONE - Thank God!

Arch traitor John Bercow has served his LAST day as the worst and most devious speaker of the house this country has EVER seen. GOOD RIDANCE TO THIS VILE TRAIT0R!

Oxford Bans Clapping to Keep People from Being Triggered

Left-wing Student union representatives at the University of Oxford passed a motion this week to ban clapping and replace it with silent “jazz hands” waving, insisting that applause “could trigger anxiety”.

This Day in History - 30th October

1470 Henry VI returned to the English throne after the Earl of Warwick (known as Warwick the Kingmaker) defeated the Yorkists in battle.

This Day in History - 29th October

1618 Sir Walter Raleigh, English seafarer, courtier, writer and once a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I (he named Virginia after her) was beheaded at Whitehall. He had been falsely accused of treason and sentenced to death, commuted to imprisonment. He was released after 13 years to try and find the legendary gold of El Dorado. He failed, and returned to an undeserved fate.

Boris writes letter asking for Brexit delay

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has caved and formally written to the European Council president Donald Tusk to formally accept a Brexit extension until January 31, 2020.


Refugee Roamed English Trains Assaulting Women

A man who came to the United Kingdom from Ethiopia as a refugee has been convicted for roaming the country by train assaulting women.

This Day in History - 28th October

1216 Henry III was crowned. His son was England's warrior king, Edward I.


Many lawyers and constitutional commentators have pointed out that Lady Hale, the President of the Supreme Court, who delivered the Judgment in the proroguing of Parliament case, and her colleagues in the Supreme Court, invented a completely new basis on which “Proceedings in Parliament” would be dealt with by the courts.