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West African Route Crossings Surge to Record High

The European Union’s Frontex border control agency said this week that illegal migrant crossings of the West African route to Spain’s Canary Islands reached a record high this year.

Migrant raped15-year-old girl after his deportation back to Africa was blocked

A failed asylum seeker whose deportation was blocked after cabin crew prevented his repatriation flight from taking off has pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl.

Henry Curteis for Police and Crime Commissioner in West Mercia

HMRC civil servants are playing video games while 'at work'

It is an "open secret" that HMRC staff members who work from home take excessive breaks and instead of working, partake in gardening, take the dog for a walk and play PlayStation, a whistleblower has claimed.

House of Lords spending £840,000 a year on a tiny one-way system

House of Lords officials have spent almost a million pounds last year on health and safety guards a tiny one-way system inside the Palace of Westminster.

Shoplifting losses double in a year - British Retail Consortium

More than SIX THOUSAND have crossed Channel in 2024

More than 6,000 Channel migrants have arrived illegally in the UK so far this year after 534 made the crossing on Sunday, the highest daily total this year.

Grooming gang leader up for parole just 12 years into his sentence

One of the leaders of the UK's most notorious Muslim grooming gang that targeted girls as young as 13 has a parole hearing and hopes to be freed after less than 12-years in jail.

Mattel to Release Score-Free Scrabble!

Mattel is releasing a more Gen-Z-friendly version of Scrabble in Europe by including a “No More Scoring” game option.