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Sadiq Khan Claims Statue DEFENDERS Are the Ones ‘Trying to Engineer a Culture War'

London mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested it is critics of his scheme to audit place names and historic statues in the British capital who are trying to “engineer a culture war”, rather than the would-be iconoclasts who have made memorials an issue of them in the first place.

Footballer to Stop Taking Knee, Brands BLM ‘Marxist Group’ Pushing ‘Racial Unrest’

Nottingham Forest footballer Lyle Taylor has said he will no longer be “taking a knee” for the Black Lives Matter movement before matches, branding it a “Marxist group” that pushes “racial unrest”.

“I took the decision because I felt that enough was enough… not enough people have looked into the organisation that has brought this all to the fore,” said the sportsman in an interview on the LBC radio station.

‘We Have Been Treated Like Criminals’ Complain Migrants Who Entered Britain Illegally

Asylum seekers who were previously housed at taxpayer expense in a former British military accommodation in Folkestone, Kent have complained that they were “treated like criminals”.

The Napier Barracks has been used by the Home Office to house some 400 illegal migrant men while their asylum claims were being processed.

Thousands of Hong Kongers Have Already Applied for UK Visa Under New Scheme

Nearly 5,000 Hong Kongers have applied for visas since the new immigration route was opened on January 31st, with experts estimating total application could hit 145,000 by the end of the year if the current rate is maintained.

Ex-Labour peer 'raped boy' and 'tried to rape girl' in the 1970s

A former Labour peer attempted to rape a girl and alongside his two brothers sexually assaulted a boy when growing up in Rotherham, jury members in a historical sex offences trial heard this week. 

Brentford Football Club ‘Will No Longer Take a Knee’ Before Matches

English football club Brentford FC have decided to give up kneeling to Black Lives Matter before games, as players “no longer believe that this is having an impact”.

“As a group of players, we have decided we will no longer take a knee before the start of matches,” the team announced in a statement shared on their website.

Eight million artefacts being examined by the British Museum over slavery links 

The British Museum has hired a curator to delve into the history of its eight million objects, many of which were obtained during the colonial era. 

Police Record 120,000 ‘Non-Crime Hate Incidents’

Police forces in Britain have recorded some 120,000 allegations of so-called hate speech, though none of the instances had been found to have stopped any actual crimes.

In the United Kingdom, the police record non-crime hate incidents in criminal databases, meaning that despite having committed no crime, people will have the incidents visible on criminal background checks for six years. There is currently no appeal system in place.

Farmer Discovers ‘Asian’ Men Cutting Throat of Ewe

An English sheep farmer was horrified to find a pair of “Asian” men slitting the throat of a pregnant ewe in broad daylight near a public footpath.

“It is a big 120-acre field and the sheep were running towards us, as if there was a dog in with them,” said farmer Adam Neachell, who tends his land and livestock in Aldridge in the West Midlands, in comments to Farmers Weekly.