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Inside our Sharia-run Prisons

Jihadis are running Sharia style courts, handing out gruesome punishments and grooming young Muslims in the United Kingdom’s prison system.

This Day in History - 24th December

1914 World War 1 - Not a shot was fired, as German & British soldiers played football & handed out drinks, cigars & souvenirs. It was possibly the most poignant moment of the 'Great War' & for several days afterwards the two sides appeared reluctant to fire on the men they had met face to face. Will we ever learn from history of the futility of war?

Forced Marriages and ‘Honour Crimes’ Spike

The number of girls sold into forced marriages and the rate of so-called “honour crimes” spikes during the Christmas season, a UK based charity has claimed.

Robin Tilbrook talks Law with Daddy Dragon

I just wanted to update you regarding the fast-moving situation with Based Any who has been jailed for DARING to call the wretched Anna Soubry a TRAITOR!

This Day in History -23rd December

1688 As part of the Glorious Revolution to overthrow King James II of England (James VII of Scotland), the King fled to Paris 'On This Day' after being deposed in favour of his nephew, William of Orange and his daughter Mary.

BBC Christmas Message Star Stormzy: Britain ‘100 Per Cent’ Racist

 Rapper Stormzy, who has been invited to provide a televised Christmas Day message by the BBC, has denounced Britain as “100 per cent” racist, and claimed that Boris Johnson is making it worse.

This Day in History - 22nd December

1550 The death of Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell). Shorty before the Battle of Bosworth (Richard - then aged 16) was taken to see King Richard III at his encampment. The King informed the boy that he was his son, and told him to watch the battle from a safe vantage point, telling him that, if he won, he would acknowledge him as his son. If he lost, the boy was told that he had to forever conceal his identity. King Richard was killed in the battle, the boy fled to London and was apprenticed to a bricklayer, but kept up the Latin he had learned by reading during his work.

London Bridge Hero Recalls Islamic Terror Attack

Darryn Frost broke his silence Saturday, telling Britain’s Press Association that he and others reacted instinctively when Usman Khan started stabbing people at a prison rehabilitation program at Fishmongers’ Hall next to the bridge on Nov. 29.

Judge Says Belief That ‘Men Cannot Change Into Women’ Is ‘Not Worthy of Respect In a Democratic Society’

A judge in an employment tribunal has ruled that there is no right to question whether a transgender person is a man or a woman.