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English Reject Idea UK Has Responsibility for Illegal Boat Migrants

The English public believes that the United Kingdom is not responsible for illegal boat migrants crossing the English Channel from France, a poll has found.

Covid:  UK’s official death toll reduced by 5,377

The UK’s official coronavirus death toll has been reduced by more than 5,000 following a review of how the figures are calculated, the Department of Health and Social Care has said.

English Pupils Are Being Groomed by Criminal Drug Gangs

A poll of teachers at almost 1,300 English schools found that drug dealers and other criminal gangs are controlling pupils as young as eight, with the rot spreading throughout the country and not just limited to urban areas.

Brussels Based ‘Boat Mafia’ Are Trafficking Migrants to England

Since the start of the year, over 4,000 illegal boat migrants have successfully reached English shores from France. Reports suggest that a clandestine “Boat Mafia” is operating in Brussels to establish another beachhead for the people-smuggling trade.

End the Lockdown: England's coronavirus wards stand empty as number of people dying of Covid plummets by 99%

Many of England's coronavirus wards are standing empty as new figures have today revealed that the number of people in hospital and dying from Covid-19 has plummeted by 99 per cent.

For every three COVID-19 deaths, lockdown caused another two

The national lockdown may have indirectly caused 16,000 excess deaths in two months, according to government analysts.

Government to Scrap ‘Racist’ Visa System

The Home Office has been forced to scrap a computerised visa system after campaigners claimed it was “racist” for being more likely to refuse people from third world countries entry to Britain.

BBC threatens pensioners with bailiffs if they don't pay the licence fee

The BBC is putting tens of millions of pounds towards chasing pensioners for their license fee payments as the corporation has said it plans to ‘enforce the law’.

And bailiffs could even be sent into the homes to seize and sell their possessions if ministers decide to support replacing the criminal sanction for licence-fee evasion with a civil penalty.

Eid: Muslim Films Himself Slaughtering Sheep in Bathtub

A Muslim resident of the southern French city of Nice recorded himself slaughtering a sheep in his bathtub for the Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday and posted the video on social media.