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Electric bus EXPLODES on the school run

A fleet of electric buses have been taken out of service after one burst into flames in Wimbledon during the school-run this week.

Half of "Child" Asylum Seekers Are Actually Adults

Half of all asylum seekers who claimed to be children in Britain since 2020 have turned out to be adults, with dozens even being above the age of thirty.

Local council buy high tech toilets after increasing tax

North London's Labour led Waltham Forest Council has installed 12 fancy loos - with heated seats and bidets - at its Town Hall and Assembly Hall - costing a total of £7,632.

This is nothing less than a slap in the face for residents who saw their council tax rise again this year.

Taxpayers £1.5m a day bill for 10,000 EMPTY hotel rooms

Taxpayers are paying £1.5million a day for 10,000 empty beds after Rishi Sunak overruled plans to shut down surplus migrant accommodation, it's been claimed.

Do as I say, not as I do: Khan racked up 80,000 air miles last year

Sadiq Khan and his team racked up more than 80,000 air miles last year, despite telling Britons to cut down on flights.

Major health warning over water bottles

Bottles of plastic water have been found to contain up to hundreds of thousands of toxic microscopic plastic particles, new research has claimed.

Drinking water from a bottle could mean you are contaminating your body with tiny bits of plastic, which scientists fear can accumulate in your bloodstream or affect your vital organs.

Mysterious passport stamps accidentally 'let migrants stay in UK'

A shocking border force gaffe may have opened the door for thousands of foreign nationals to stay in Britain permanently.

Astonishingly, the Home Office doesn't know how many passport stamps allowing immigrants to stay indefinitely have been awarded.

Deporting illegal migrants to cost taxpayer £2bn over next seven years

Transporting illegal migrants out of the UK is set to cost the taxpayer as much as £2 billion over the next seven years – or nearly £783,000 every day – according to official documents.

LGBTQ+ only housing coming to the UK

A new wave of LGBTQ+ housing is coming to the UK.

London has already seen its first residential hub for elderly members of the LGBTQ+ community opening up, following a £3million grant from city mayor, Sadiq Khan.