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Good Friday VIDEO to hit you hard

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the two most important events in the entire Christian calendar.

When the first five jabs haven't worked....authorise a sixth!

A Covid-19 vaccine developed by Valneva has been given regulatory approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The UK had been due to receive 100 million doses of the French firm’s jab, but the Government cancelled the deal in September due to a “breach of obligations”.

Damages and verbal apology from GMP over grooming gang

Three victims of grooming gangs in Rochdale have received “substantial” damages and a personal apology from the chief constable of Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Stonewall waste £650,000 of taxpayer cash on axed LGBT summit

Stonewall has been accused of 'holding No 10 to ransom' after the charity staged a mass boycott of an LGBT international conference.

Machete Man ‘Suffering a Mental Health Crisis’ Hospitalises Policeman

A police officer in London has been hospitalised by a machete-wielding man the London force describes as “suffering a mental health crisis”.


Huge Increase in Violent Incidents at Belgian Asylum Centres Since 2017

The number of violent incidents in Belgian asylum reception centres has doubled since 2017, with half of the total incidents involving physical or verbal assaults on asylum centre workers or other asylum seekers.

Former Mr Universe and champion bodybuilder declared covid-court a SHAM

A champion bodybuilder has been convicted of breaking lockdown laws by opening his gym and ordered to pay almost £56,000 in fines and costs by a court.

In extraordinary scenes, strongman Eddy Ellwood, 58, made a statement in the courtroom after he was fined, denying the authority of the court and declaring the conviction was a “sham”.

Vile killer Jon Venables pushes to win freedom

Jon Venables is hoping to be released on parole ahead of the introduction of new laws that could block his freedom.

D-Day veteran Harry Billinge dies aged 96

D-Day veteran Harry Billinge has died aged 96 after a short illness, his family has said.

The former Royal Engineer from St Austell, Cornwall was just 18 when he was one of the first British soldiers to land on Gold Beach in 1944.