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Five Migrant Boats Sail for England Every Week

Despite vows by both our government to curb illegal crossings of the English Channel, a report has found that since the beginning of the year an average of five migrant-filled boats set sail towards England every week.


This Day in History - 4th November

1650 William III, King of England, Scotland and Ireland was born ..... in Holland. On the day after his 38th birthday he landed at Torbay with an army of English and Dutch troops, and when Parliament declared the throne empty, he was proclaimed king. These gilded statues of William III are in Portsmouth Dockyard  and in Hull. Hull was the first large city in Britain to swear their allegiance to the new King when he deposed James II in 1685.

Town Changes Signs After ‘Racism’ Complaints

The historic ‘Little White Town’ of Bideford in Devon, south-west England, is to change its signs over fears “the town council could be classed as a racist white supremacist”.

This Day in History - 3rd November

1534 England's Parliament met and passed an Act of Supremacy which made King Henry VIII head of the English church, a role formerly held by the Pope.

This Day in History - 2nd November

1470 The birth of King Edward V of England, one of the two 'princes in the Tower'. Along with his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, Edward 'disappeared' after being sent (allegedly for safety reasons) to the Tower of London. Responsibility for their deaths is widely attributed to his uncle, Richard III, but the actual events have remained controversial for centuries.

Soldier Injured after Acid/Knife Attack in London

The Metropolitan Police have launched a manhunt to track down a man after a soldier had acid hurled in his face and was slashed with a knife while out jogging in London.

This Day in History - 1st November

1604 William Shakespeare's tragedy Othello was presented for the first time, at The Palace of Whitehall in London. The palace was the main residence of the English monarchs in London from 1530 until 1698. Seven years to the day, Shakespeare's romantic comedy The Tempest was also presented for the first time, and also at the Palace of Whitehall.

Corbyn Confirms Plans for Second EU Referendum

Far-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed he would pursue a second Brexit referendum if he becomes prime minister.

This Day in History - 31st October

1795 The birth of John Keats, English romantic poet.