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New rules making healthy people self-isolate could ‘quickly’ become mandatory

The U.K.’s senior health minister has said a new “test and trace” system which will tell healthy people to quarantine for 14 days if they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for the coronavirus, could “quickly” become “mandatory.”

The Future of Money [video]

You've got to watch this stunning video! It's a fly-through which shows just what $10 Trillion looks like. It matters because that's the figure that the (private) Federal Reserve Bank says it's going to print in order to stop the lockdown depression turning into a deflationary disaster. Although American, the message is just as relevant here.

'New Land Army' Farm Recruiter Lists ‘Romanian or Bulgarian’ Fluency as Job Requirement

A job opening for an Irrigation Assistant, advertised on the government’s website by the Kent-based food producer S&A, said that some applicants will need to speak Romanian and or Bulgarian to be hired, despite the fact that the job scheme is supposedly geared towards out of work Britons.

Our response to Government Reply on COVID19 Lockdown

Here you can find our response to the Government Reply over the COVID 19 Lockdowns

Scottish Govt Demands England Open the Borders to ‘Enrich Society’

Scotland needs mass, low-skilled immigration to “enrich” society and grow the economy, according to Scottish migration minister Ben Macpherson, who described the British government’s Immigration Bill, which was voted through last week, as “deeply worrying” for the supposed restrictions it would put on low-wage, low-skill immigration to Scotland and the wider United Kingdom.

Mosques across England could sound Islamic call to prayer through loudspeakers

Mosques across the country could start sounding the daily call to prayer through loudspeakers following a series of pilot programmes.

French Police Raid An Alleged Far-Left Bomb Factory HQ

French police in the Paris suburb of Bagnolet have arrested four people after discovering the alleged headquarters of the city’s far-left extremist Antifa movement, where it is claimed explosives were being manufactured.

Albanian Migrant Charged with Murder of 7-year-old Girl

A 30-year-old Albanian migrant has been charged with the murder of seven-year-old Emily Jones on Mother’s Day, according to reports.

Eltiona Skana (24/2/90), “formerly of Turnstone Road, Bolton”, according to a Greater Manchester Police news bulletin, has been charged with murder and possession of a bladed article.

Girl tells police she was drugged and raped by grooming gang in Cumbria, gets herself arrested

A 19-year-old girl has been charged with perverting the course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by a Muslim sex gang in Cumbria.