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This Day in History - 4th September

1588 The death of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a favourite and possible lover of Queen Elizabeth I. When his wife Amy died after falling down the stairs, it was widely rumoured that Dudley had murdered her in order to marry Elizabeth. The Queen rejected him, even proposing that he wed Mary, Queen of Scots.

Parliament Expected to Vote to Block Brexit Today

 Boris Johnson says Britain’s Parliament is “on the brink of wrecking any deal” his government might be able to make with the EU on Brexit terms.

The English Voice Newsletter

English Voice Newsletter

Trump blasts Khan: Focus on Knife Crime!

President Donald Trump defended his decision to golf on the Labor Day weekend, after the Mayor of increasingly crime-stricken Brit capital London Sadiq Khan criticized the president.


This Day in History - 3rd September

1189 Following the death of his father Henry II, Richard the Lionheart was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey.

Blair: Labour will be Crushed If General Election Is Called

Former Prime Minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair has said Labour should reject a potential snap general election.


Left-Wing Plot to Occupy Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed a plot by left-wing supporters to occupy the Palace of Westminster and “shut down the streets” to protest Boris Johnson’s decision to temporarily suspend Parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline.


This Day in History - 2nd September

1666 The Great Fire of London began in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane, and rapidly spread throughout the city, destroying most of London's buildings and houses. Although 13,000 buildings were destroyed in the four-day blaze only six people died.

Tory Remainers to Be Kicked Out If They Back Brexit Delay

According to reports, Tory remainers in Parliament will lose the party whip and will be deselected if they back efforts by the opposition to force yet another Brexit delay.