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US airlines cancel thousands of flights as pilots protest forced COVID vaxx

You won't see this news on the BBC! It began with a trickle –– and then a flood –– of tweets on Sunday about Southwest Airline pilots calling in sick to protest their company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and then a cascade of reports that pilots from other airlines, as well as critical employees in other segments of the transportation industry, are preparing to follow suit.  

Now LEGO goes woke!

Danish toy giant LEGO has announced that it will endeavour to remove “harmful” gender stereotypes from its line because boys are reluctant to play with toys marketed towards girls.

More migrants land on English coast after 40 boats brought 1,000 in two days

More than 1,000 people have made the trip across the English Channel to the UK in two days in at least 40 boats.

The newest woke BBC training workshop for managers...

A bizarre BBC training workshop tells managers to keep up their blood sugar levels – because tiredness could lead them to drop their guard and racially profile job candidates.

Private hospitals treated just EIGHT Covid patients a day during the pandemic

Private hospitals treated just eight Covid patients a day during the pandemic despite receiving billions of pounds of taxpayers' cash, according to a report.

The 'desperately difficult' financial woes faced by MPs on just £82,000-a-year...

A Conservative politician has claimed newer MPs are being left in a 'desperately difficult' situation because of their £82,000-a-year pay packet.

Tory stalwart Sir Peter Bottomley says he is not sure how MPs 'manage' on the current salary - which is around £50,000-a-year higher than the UK average.

Pensioner's secret stash of rare Anglo Saxon coins sells for £185,000

A pensioner's collection of rare Anglo-Saxon coins - including a 1066 penny minted for King Harold II before the Battle of Hastings - which was secretly stashed in his caravan has sold for £185,000. 

Calls for an urgent curb on internet pornography

A Christian charity is calling on the government to urgently curb internet pornography to prevent more cases of sexual violence.

500 Europe-Bound Migrants Intercepted off Libya

Libya’s coast guard Sunday intercepted a wooden boat carrying around 500 Europe-bound migrants off the country’s shore, the U.N. refugee agency said.

It marked the latest sea interception amid a surge in crossings and attempted crossings from the North African nation to European shores in recent months. It took place two days after a massive crackdown on migrants in a western Libyan town that resulted in the roundup of at least 4,000 migrants.