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Visa Overstayer Illegal Migrants Estimated at 64,000 a Year

Illegal migrants who make it into Britain by obtaining legitimate visas and then not leaving are estimated at 64,000 a year, dwarfing the headline-grabbing boat migrant influx.

NHS staff to get BLM training as part of new diversity courses

Training on Black Lives Matter (BLM) is reportedly being offered to NHS England staff as part of a series of new diversity courses.

Why won't PM pay re-married war widows their rightful pensions?

War widows who lost their military pensions for finding love have been refused compensation by Rishi Sunak.

Migrant skipped bail, fled country after rape accusation

A woman who was attacked a rapist who has been at large for 16 years after being granted bail by a judge has said he should never have been released.

Information board planned for Shrewsbury Clive statue

An information board will be put up next to Shrewsbury’s Clive of India statue in the next few weeks, more than a year after councillors voted not to have the controversial figure removed.

Number of boat migrants reaching UK this year nears 15,000

Up to 80 people were picked up in the English Channel Friday as the total number of migrants reaching British shores nears the 15,000 milestone.

Vax Pass App is Sharing User Facial Recognition Data With Police

The National Health Service (NHS) has admitted that it is sharing facial recognition with police from the NHS app, which is now being used as the UK’s vaccine passport.

All English elections will be held under first-past-the-post rules

The First Past The Post voting system will be used in all elections in England, reports say.

Care workers launch legal action against ‘no jab, no job’

Care house workers have launched legal action against the Government over its necessary vaccination coverage.