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Army want Armistice Day to be less Christian

Soldiers have been told to make Remembrance commemorations more 'inclusive' by making them less Christian.

Woke campaigners target fairgrounds

Woke animal rights campaigners have claimed English fairgrounds should stop featuring horses and other animals on carousels as it encourages exploitation.

Abdul Ezedi thought to be DEAD, claim police

Clapham chemical attacker Abdul Ezedi is thought to be dead, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The 35-year-old injured a mother and two daughters in a horrific corrosive substance attack in Clapham last month, with police locked in a thorough search for the attacker since January 31.

English countryside declared "racist" and "colonial"

The English countryside is a 'racist, colonial' white space, wildlife charities have said.

The claim was made by Wildlife and Countryside Link, a group with 80 members including WWF, the RSPCA and National Trust.

Children’s mental health referrals soar by 53%

Children’s emergency mental health referrals in England soar by 53%

New fleet of cutters to patrol England's coastline

Priti Patel is to spend £200million on a fleet of border patrol boats as she steps up the illusion of attempts to stop migrants crossing the Channel.

Thousands of football fans secretly investigated by Premier League

Thousands of football fans may have been secretly investigated by the Premier League's 'Stasi spy agency' for their political views, it has been revealed. 

We ARE patrolling the beaches, claim the French

In a week when unauthorised seaborne arrivals in Kent from France once again approached 1,000 in one single day, and Home Secretary Priti Patel threatened to cut funding for French Channel policing, the authorities there were finally sparked into action.

Channel migrants up 13% compared with this time last year

The number of migrants landing in Dover after crossing the Channel on small boats is at the highest level since 2022's record.