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BBC exec unleashed vile outbursts on Twitter - wishes Trump dead

A BBC chief has unleashed a series of vile foul-mouthed and leftie outbursts on Twitter - even wishing Donald Trump was dead.

BBC blowing £1m of taxpayers money on staff surveys

The BBC has announced plans to spend up to £1 million of taxpayers' money on staff surveys - only weeks after axing the free licence-fee for the over 75's.

NHM to review ‘offensive’ Darwin collection

THE Natural History Museum is reviewing collections it fears could be seen as "offensive" including its Charles Darwin exhibitions.

Birmingham's fast track recruitment programme for ethnic minorities

Birmingham Council is set to create a fast track recruitment programme for ethnic minorities, force staff to undertake “equalities training” and launch a new “race equality” curriculum in schools.

210,000 "Child Migrants" Have Entered Europe Since 2015

Since 2015, at least 210,000 supposedly underage migrants have applied for asylum in the European Union, according to NGO Save the Children.

Robin Tilbrook on Grooming gangs

English Democrats party leader Robin Tilbrook discusses what the fake news media refuse to cover: the RAPE and ENSLAVEMENT of Hundreds of thousands of young English girls by PAKISTANI MUSLIM gangs.

One in Four Young Muslims Refuse to Condemn Charlie Hebdo Terror Killings

A survey released by the Institut Français d’Opinion Publique (Ifop) has revealed that 26 per cent of French Muslims under the age of 25 refuse to condemn the 2015 Charlie Hebdo terror killings.

Soft Touch England: 409 migrants cross Channel in ONE DAY 

A  record-breaking 409 migrants made it across the Channel on Wednesday with eight dinghies managing to dodge Border Force entirely. 

EU Demands UK Surrenders Territorial Waters

The European Union is refusing to discuss a treaty on fishing unless the United Kingdom abandons its claim of full sovereignty over its own territorial waters.