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Turkey flings open the doors to Europe for its 3.6 MILLION Syrian refugees

Greece has teargassed crowds of migrants trying to cross its borders, hours after Turkey said it would no longer block them from getting into Europe. The scenes unfolded on Friday at a border crossing near the Turkish city of Edirne after Turkish police and border guards were ordered to stand aside and allow hundreds of people through.

Immigration into England from outside EU hits RECORD HIGH

The number of people moving to Britain from outside the European Union is now at its highest level on record. More than 379,000 people came to the UK from non-EU countries, according to the latest Office for National Statistics estimates for the year to September 2019.

Climate Change Lunacy on the Rise [Video]

Climate change lunacy has reached Ireland, big time! The climate alarmists in the Dáil – the Irish Parliament - plan to force householders to rip out perfectly good oil and gas heating systems and replace them with electric ones. How much are their cronies running the privatised electric industry giving them as backhanders?

Sadiq Khan want to invest in RAPPERS not crime victims

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has admitted that he would rather invest in the future of 'English' rappers "than future victims of crime" during a London Assembly budget meeting.

Shut the door – before it’s too late! [Video]

Muslim extremists will bring terror to the streets of Ireland. It’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, according to an Irish girl who converted to Islam and mixed with Islamist extremists, before turning her back on their violence and hatred.

Islamist Terrorists Pose As ‘Refugees’ To Sneak in to Attack Europe [video]

Terrorists disguised as migrants are entering the European Union to commit terrorist attacks. A new report, "What Terrorist Migration Over European Borders Can Teach About American Border Security", by Todd Bensman, a senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, describes the extent to which. 

Zuckerberg asks liberal states what to ban next! [video]

Globalist governments in Europe are expanding their crackdown on free speech through restrictions on social media and Internet speech. Now Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has asked the EU’s largely socialist governments for regulations stipulating what speech will be permitted on Facebook and other platforms. The regimes crushing free expression though hate speech laws are being empowered to clamp down even more.

Grooming Gang Victim was Raped by 300 Men Before She Was 15 Years Old

A Muslim grooming gang victim has told a court how she was raped by 300 men before turning 15 and was often attacked by around 10 men at a time. The girl, who is now an adult, was plied with drink and drugs before being driven around for sex with older men across the north of England.

Ridiculous: Sadiq Khan in nonsense EU citizenship plea for LONDON

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has proposed Londoners be granted the benefits of being part of the EU through “associate citizen membership.” The London Mayor told ITV: “Those Londoners who still want to have a close connection to the EU would be able to travel to the European Union quite easily.

“There are many of us in London and across our country who still want to have a connection with the EU even though we have left.”