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This Day in History -11th September

1777 American troops led by George Washington were defeated by the British at the Battle of Brandywine Creek, in the American War of Independence.

Scottish Court rules Suspension of Parliament "Illegal"

Top Cop Blames Press Coverage for ‘Exacerbating’ Terrorism

Neil Basu, the assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan police force, said that the “relentless” reporting on extremist attacks could be encouraging terrorism.

This Day in History - 10th September

1224 The Franciscans, founded in 1209 by St. Francis of Assisi, first arrived in England. They were originally called Grey Friars because of their grey 'habits'.

Home Office ends programme to “deradicalise” returning Jihadi brides

The Home Office has ended its contract with a company charged with the task of de-radicalising jihadi brides coming back from Syria. This is as a result of allegations that the owners bullied staff and made excessive profits.

This Day in History - 9th September

1087 William the Conqueror died in Maine (France) from injuries he sustained after a fall from his horse.

Police Called to Protest Against Gender Neutral Uniforms

Police attended a protest of some 150 parents and children who were demonstrating against a high school’s ‘gender neutral’ uniform.


Our “Defend Brexit” case is mentioned in key Commons Debate

On Wednesday the former Conservative Leader, Iain Duncan Smith, mentioned our case during the key debate on whether the Commons was going to be able to vote to deny a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

This Day in History - 8th September

1157 King Richard I (the Lion Heart) was born.