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Energy bills hike plunged 2.2 million into fuel poverty

England has been saddled with rising energy bills in recent years amid the ongoing cost of living crisis which experts claim could have been avoided.


30,000 migrants due to be sent to Rwanda are on bail

More than 30,000 illegal migrants due to be sent to Rwanda are on bail while the deportation flights are grounded despite fears they may abscond, the Home Office has said.

Teacher still hiding three years after Mohammed image shown

Three years after sparking Muslim protests after showing his class a caricature of Mohammed at the Batley Grammar School, a religious studies teacher is still in hiding with his family for fear of violent reprisals from the Islamic community in England.

Immigration to add 6.1MILLION to the population by 2036

Official projections have suggested net inflows will add 6.1million to numbers over the next 12 years - nearly all the growth from the most recent estimate of 67million in mid-2021.

Extra measures failing to deter small boat crossings

More than 1,000 migrants have made it across the Channel and arrived in the UK this month, despite the government bringing in extra measures to deter small boat crossings.

£9 MILLION raised from Ulez fines in just SIX WEEKS

Sadiq Khan's Transport for London raised more than £8.8 million from Ulez fines in six weeks after the scheme was expanded to cover the whole of London.

A total of 97,786 fines were handed out in that period.

Mass machete brawl at Bournemouth campus

A 17-year-old girl has been arrested after two 'rival Afghan and Romanian gangs' sparked a mass machete brawl at Bournemouth college campus.

Brexit News: Huge £60m shellfish discovery in Thames

Britain’s liberation from the European Union’s complex web of rules and regulations has left the nation well-placed to take advantage of massive beds of valuable clams discovered in the Thames Estuary.

Bristol council refusing to pay back £31million in bogus ULEZ fines

Bristol council bosses are refusing to pay back £31million in bogus fines from the city's ULEZ scheme, known as the Clean Air Zone (CAZ), despite the project's chief admitting that every charge had been worded incorrectly.