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Anti-democrat Bercow: Brexit ‘Biggest Foreign Policy Mistake’ Since War

Anti-Brexit Former Speaker of the House John Bercow has dropped any pretence of neutrality on Brexit now he has stepped down, branding it “the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period”.

Man charged with setting off fireworks during Remembrance silence

A homeless man who disrupted a Remembrance Sunday minute’s silence by launching a fireworkwas led away by police for his own safety after furious members of the public and veterans surrounded the man.

This Day in History - 12th Novmember

1555 Parliament re-established Catholicism.

MP Jess Phillips employs her husband as office manager

Birmingham MP Jess Phillips has employed her husband in the capacity of office manager and is of course paid by the taxpayer.

This Day in History - 11th November

1620 The Mayflower Compact was signed aboard ship in what is now Provincetown Harbour near Cape Cod. It was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony and was written by those who had fled to America in the ship the Mayflower to escape religious persecution from King James VI of Scotland (James I of England). 

Lefties: Purge 'White Supremacist' Anglo-Saxon History from Schools

English-hating academics are trying to erase the term “Anglo-Saxon” from the study of history, claiming it is “inextricably bound up with pseudohistorical accounts of white supremacy”.

This Day in history - 10th November

1683 The birth of George II, King of England from 1727 to 1760.

The real fight is between patriots against globalists!

You can’t really understand what has been happening to our politics unless you understand that the real fight is between patriots against globalists.  Once you understand that you need to choose which side you are on!


15 Illegal Migrants found in back of truck

One man has been arrested after 15 people were found in a lorry that had caused the A350 to be closed near to junction 17 of the M4.