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Schooling: 13 year olds to learn about sexual acts using dice game

A new government-funded sex-ed toolkit is encouraging schools to get children as young as 13 to discuss explicit sexual acts based on the roll of a dice.

Illegal Migrants: Deportations at lowest level EVER

Deportations have plummeted to their lowest level on record - Figures show that the number of illegal immigrants, visa overstayers and foreign criminals leaving the UK fell by an astonishing 34 per cent last year.

Covid1(84): Huge anti-mask protests across Europe

Berlin police tried breaking up an anti-lockdown protest because of attendees failing to wear face masks and socially distance as more than 18,000 marched upon the German capital.

Lawyers Block Deportation of All Migrants on Removal Flight

Lawyers have successfully frustrated the government’s efforts to deport every single illegal migrant on a planned return flight to Spain.

BBC licence fee to be replaced with household tax?

The BBC TV licence fee could be scrapped and replaced by a compulsory "household tax" that would require richer families to pay more, the corporation's outgoing Director-General has revealed.

Land of Hope and Glory reaches number 1 in charts

THE BBC has been mocked after Land of Hope and Glory reached the top of the iTunes chart following a backlash over the broadcaster's decision to perform the patriotic song without lyrics at the Last Night of the Proms.

Only ONE Covid-19 victim in English hospitals was under 40 last week and 90% were over the age of 60

Only one Covid-19 victim whose death was announced by NHS England over the past week was under the age of 40, according to official data.

Asylum Seekers Who Travel Through Safe Countries to Reach England Should be Turned Away, Say Lawmakers

A new grouping of Conservative members of parliament has called on the government to radically overhaul the “not fit for purpose” asylum system, saying migrants who travel to the UK from safe countries shouldn’t be granted asylum.

Quarter of "child migrants" crossing English Channel older than 18

A quarter of migrants who claimed to be children after crossing the English Channel from France were older than 18, council figures have revealed.