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HMS Montrose Faces Down Iranian Forces 115 Times

The Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose has faced 115 confrontations with Iranian forces in the Gulf since the start of July, according to new figures just released.


Green Politician Arrested at Anti-Brexit Demo

A London Assembly member, Caroline Russell, was arrested at an anti-Brexit protest today in London.

This Day in History - 1st September

1159 The death of Pope Adrian IV, (Nicholas Breakspeare), the only English pope.

Judge rejects legal challenge to stop suspended parliament

Lord Doherty heard arguments from representatives of a cross-party group seeking an interim interdict that would halt the move by the government to effectively shut down parliament, but retiring to rule on the verdict  threw out the remainer case and said: “I am not satisfied that there is a cogent need for interm interdict to be granted at this stage. Petitioners interim request has been rejected."


Soros-funded Group Threatens Queen over Brexit

The Soros-funded group, Best for Britain, appeared to invoke the fate of the beheaded King Charles I after Queen Elizabeth II agreed to prorogue Parliament for a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

6 More Convicted in Rotherham Rape Gangs Review

Six men of Pakistani origin have been convicted of the historic grooming and raping of vulnerable under-aged English girls in Rotherham.


This Day in History - 30th August

1146 A conference of European leaders outlawed the crossbow. It was hoped that by banning the weapon, wars would eventually end. Despite the prohibition, crossbows continued to be used until the 16th century, when they were replaced by firearms.

Media Pushing undemocratic Remain Petition

Once again, we are astounded by the naked propaganda being espoused by the state broadcaster and other Channels with Boris taking decisive and legal action to ensure that his opponents cannot undermine the democratic will of the people.

PC madness reigns at the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint turned down a proposal to honour author Enid Blyton with a special edition coin due to concerns that her alleged views on race and gender.