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Harry Redknapp slams Premier League for overlooking English managers

Harry Redknapp has hit out at Premier League clubs for constantly overlooking British managers in favour of employing coaches from overseas.

Refugees in London hotels are refusing to move into new homes

Afghan refugees have been rejecting permanent homes in Central London after fleeing the Taliban, council documents show. A Westminster City Council report shows Afghan families have been rejecting offers of a permanent home.

Rotherham grooming investigation: No officers lose their jobs

The police discipline system has delivered “zero accountability” a solicitor representing survivors of abuse has said after no officer investigated in the wake of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation (CSE) scandal lost their job.

How Sanctions Will Hurt YOU - video

Who is the real target of the global elite's sanctions against Russia? Is it really Vladimir Putin - or is it you? It's an important - and all too genuine - question. With China, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Africa, and the vast majority of the Third World refusing to go along with Washington's sanctions regime, the truth is that its impact on Russia will be short-term and limited. The pain is going to be felt primarily by ordinary people in Europe, Britain and North America.

Six million children aged five to 11 targeted for unnecessary covid jag

The NHS will start giving Covid jabs to healthy five to 11-year-olds next week – with the help of toys to distract them.

Police sergeant denies failing to act over child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

An ex-detective has denied failing to act on information about allegations of child sexual exploitation - Muslim Grooming Gangs - explaining at a hearing this week how he was juggling a 'massive caseload' with no training or guidance.

Education Secretary says children SHOULD be taught about the benefits of the British Empire

Children should be taught about the benefits of the British Empire, the Education Secretary has said.

LGBTQ News: Ploughman's lunch cancelled!

The ploughman’s lunch has been cancelled after a pub rebranded the meal "ploughperson's".

The Tors pub in Belstone, Devon, now offers the traditionally cold dish, which consists of cheese, ham, pickled onions, chutney and sourdough bread, for £12.50.


4,000 boat migrants have ALREADY landed this year

Another 190 migrants arrived in the UK on small boats on Thursday, bringing the total to 4,000 this year already.