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This Day in History - 22nd December

1550 The death of Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell). Shorty before the Battle of Bosworth (Richard - then aged 16) was taken to see King Richard III at his encampment. The King informed the boy that he was his son, and told him to watch the battle from a safe vantage point, telling him that, if he won, he would acknowledge him as his son. If he lost, the boy was told that he had to forever conceal his identity. King Richard was killed in the battle, the boy fled to London and was apprenticed to a bricklayer, but kept up the Latin he had learned by reading during his work.

London Bridge Hero Recalls Islamic Terror Attack

Darryn Frost broke his silence Saturday, telling Britain’s Press Association that he and others reacted instinctively when Usman Khan started stabbing people at a prison rehabilitation program at Fishmongers’ Hall next to the bridge on Nov. 29.

Judge Says Belief That ‘Men Cannot Change Into Women’ Is ‘Not Worthy of Respect In a Democratic Society’

A judge in an employment tribunal has ruled that there is no right to question whether a transgender person is a man or a woman.

This Day in History - 20th December

860 The death, at Sherborne, Dorset, of King Ethelbald (Æthelbald) former King of Wessex.

Diversity Cop Among Alleged Groomers Charged in Halifax

Sixteen men of Asian descent including a police officer have been charged with multiple offences related to three girls aged between 13 and 16 in Halifax.


This Day in History - 19th December

1154 Henry II was crowned, at Westminster Abbey.

Police Investigate ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ Signs

Police in Scotland are investigating a possible “hate speech” crime after signs appeared throughout Perth reading: “It’s okay to be white.”

English Comedy Club Bans Conservatives

A comedy night banned Conservative-voting comedians in the name of “inclusiveness” in the wake of the British general election, telling them to find “free speech zones” elsewhere.

This Day in History - 18th December

1559 Queen Elizabeth I of England sent aid to the Scottish Lords to drive the French from Scotland.