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Sussex firefighters told biological sex 'runs on a spectrum'

Firefighters have been told that biological sex is “just a label” and that it “runs on a spectrum”.

Workers at West Sussex Fire and Rescue are given training on how to be transgender and non-binary inclusive.

Sadiq Khan's war on motorists continues

Sadiq Khan looks to be planning on using a new toll to plug the hole in Transport for London finances, and target drivers, once again.

Mysterious Anglo-Saxon object discovered in Norfolk

Experts have been left baffled by a recently discovered mysterious Anglo-Saxon object.

The item that was "made by someone with a real eye for loveliness" has been uncovered in Norfolk.

ISIS fanatic who entered England illegally is given UK citizenship

An ISIS fanatic who MI5 warns poses a terror threat to Britain has been granted the right to live in the UK after sneaking into the country illegally.

2024: Happy New Year

To all of our supporters, we wish you a very happy New Year. May you spend it with your family, safe and comfortable; for after the revelry, the fight for England resumes. 

London Police Arrest Man over ‘Bomb Factory’

An unidentified man has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to create a bomb-making factory in a residential address in South London.

19 hymenoplasties carried out in hospitals in England this year

NHS hospitals have carried out illegal 'virginity repair' surgery, campaigners fear.

Demand for migrant hotel rooms to rise AGAIN

Demand for migrant hotel rooms could increase again, the Home Office has admitted.

No migrants cross Channel on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day

Government figures confirm that no migrants made the deadly crossing of the Channel to reach the UK on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day for the first time in five years.