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Border Force intercept another 185 migrants in nine Channel crossings

Almost 200 migrants were intercepted by Border Force officials as they crossed the English Channel on Saturday - with the total number so far this year surpassing 2,200.

Evidence shows only 226 outbreaks in pubs since Covid began

The risk of catching coronavirus in a pub or restaurant is 'relatively low', the Government's scientific advisers have admitted.

Johnny Rotten: ‘Wokeness’ Pushed by ‘Children Coming Out of Colleges With Sh*t for Brains’

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten says “wokeness” is a divisive political weapon being wielded by privileged, “tempestuous, spoilt children,” whom the media offer a platform to push their unpopular politically correct opinions.

“Wokeness,” Johnny Rotten said, is being used as “a device used by the privileged to keep the working class in their place,” 

Authorities Intercept 375 Illegals Crossing Channel in One Day

French and British border authorities intercepted 375 illegal aliens in 16 boats attempting to cross the English Channel from France to England over Tuesday night to Wednesday, the highest number of daily attempts this year.

Authorities in France managed to stop seven boats containing a combined 166 migrants trying to make the illegal journey.

Councils Advertising Covid Marshall Roles Beyond End of June Restrictions

Around one-in-nine councils across England are employing covid marshals even after the end of restrictions on June 21st, with reports some contracts allow for the extension of roles until 2023.

London Bridge Terrorist Committed Racist Attack on White Schoolmate, Associated with Rigby Killer in Prison

Jihadist Usman Khan had committed a racist attack against a white 13-year-old fellow pupil, an inquest into the deaths of the terrorist’s two victims has heard.

New Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup to Deploy to Asia

New aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful surface vessel in the Royal Navy’s history, will set sail next month for Asia with eight fast jets on board. It will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines.

Vax Blood Clot Victims Must Prove They Are 60 Per Cent Disabled to Get Compensation

Boris Johnson’s government is insisting that people harmed by vaccine side-effects must prove they are at least 60 per cent disabled in order to receive compensation, capped at £120,000, according to reports.

168 people were believed to have suffered blood clots following vaccination as of last week, according to a report by Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), with 32 of those afflicted dying.

Double Murderer Living in UK as Fake Refugee for Up to 24 Years

An Albanian double murderer has been at large in England for up to 24 years, falsely posing as a refugee from Kosovo.

49-year-old Artan Muca gunned down two men with a Kalashnikov rifle in a billiards shop in his native country in 1997 but managed to escape justice by fleeing to the United Kingdom and lodging a bogus asylum claim in which he posed a Kosovan refugee.