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Top Schools Reject Scholarship Funding for Poor White Boys

Two top colleges have rejected an offer to fund the education of poor white boys, for fear of violating anti-discrimination laws.

This Day in History - 31st December

Khan's London: Mother stabbed three times in front of child

Another day, another bloody rampage in the Khan's wasteland, once known as London.

This Day in History - 30th December

1460 The Wars of the Roses: The defeat and death of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and claimant to the English throne, at the Battle of Wakefield.

The Blair Creature Bidded for EU Cash While Campaigning Against Brexit

Former British Prime Minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair held talks with the EU about receiving funding for his personal institute while campaigning to frustrate the Brexit.

This Day in History - 29th December

1170 Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas à Becket, was murdered in his own cathedral by four knights, believing they were acting on direct orders from King Henry II.

Time to build: Join the English Dems and Go Gold!

Now is our chance! Time to build. Go Gold! 

This Day in History - 28th December

1065 Westminster Abbey was consecrated. Its founder Edward the Confessor could not attend due to illness. He died on 5th January l066 and was buried in a shrine before the High Altar in his new church.

Lammy considers bid to become next Labour leader

Loudmouth Labour MP David Lammy has written an article in the Observer where he has set out plans to foster a new “civic nationalism” based not on skin colour, religion or ethnicity but on shared values as he prepares for a possible pitch at the Labour leadership.