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500 asylum seekers to be housed on MoD land in Hampshire

Locals have reacted with 'horror' to a proposal to house 500 asylum seekers in portable cabins near a picturesque village near one of the south's busiest trunk roads.

Police charge 32 men from Yorkshire with over 150 child sex offences

Police have charged 32 men in West Yorkshire with more than 150 child sex offences against eight teenage girls.

Channel crossings: 'No agreement' on turning migrant boats back

There has been no agreement reached between the United Kingdom and France that would see illegal migrant boats returned to France despite the British taxpayer sending some £28 million in payoffs to the French government.

Chris Philp, the government’s Minister for immigration compliance told the Home Affairs Committee in the House of Commons that it is “currently correct” that no boat return deal has been struck between the two nations.

Ex MI6 Spy: ISIS Plotting Christmas Attacks in Europe

A former MI6 operative who spied on al-Qaeda has warned that an Islamic State leader is coordinating attacks on Europe, including the United Kingdom, over the Christmas period in revenge for the republishing of Mohammed cartoons.

Revealed: Last-minute cancellation of deportation flights costs MILLIONS of pounds a year

It has been revealed by Home Office accounts that last-minute legal challenges that see foreign criminals pulled from planes about to leave the UK is going up each year, reaching £2.2million in the past 12 months. This is up from £2.04million in 2018/19. 

BLM activist who twice tried to torch Union Flag on Cenotaph is let off with conditional discharge

A photography student who tried to torch a Union Jack on the Cenotaph during a Black Lives Matter protest has walked free from court.

France is REFUSING to stop cross-channel migrant boats once they are in the water heading for England

French authorities are refusing to intercept migrant boats heading for Britain once they are in the English Channel, despite receiving millions of pounds of UK taxpayers cash to cut off the route.

Just four out of 223 NHS trusts in England are busier than last year

Only four out of the 223 National Health Service (NHS) trusts in England are busier now than last year despite coronavirus, according to an analysis of official data.

Seven foreign criminals who should be deported walk free EACH DAY

Seven foreign criminals a day are being released from prison on to Britain's streets instead of being deported.