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Good For Them: A QUARTER of footballers at the English Football League's 72 clubs say they will NOT get vaccinated

One quarter of players in the Football League have no vaccination to Covid-19 despite months of coercion from the EFL and clubs to get jabbed - and currently don't intend to have one.

Another 30 migrants delivered to UK shore by Border Force vessel in first Channel crossings for 10 days

A migrant was pictured flashing the V for victory sign as he was among a group of men detained by Border Force and delivered to UK shores after making the crossing across the English Channel on Wednesday. 

Vaccine Push Could Leave Up to 5,000 Cancer Cases Undiagnosed

Around 5,000 undiagnosed cases of cancer may be missed each month as a result of the UK government’s new Covid booster programme.

Jailed: The Paedophile Who Targeted 2,000 Women and Children

Abdul Elahi, a serial blackmailer who targeted 2,000 victims online, forcing them to self-harm and engage in paedophilic activity, was jailed after admitting 158 charges committed against 72 victims.

Abdul Elahi, 26, forced his victims, around 550 of whom were British, to send degrading images of themselves or others to him.

Belgium: Up to 70 Per Cent of ‘Child’ Migrants Given Age Tests Turn Out to Be Adults

Sammy Mahdi, Belgium’s Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, has stated that up to 70 per cent of “child” migrants submitted for age testing by the government turn out to be adults.

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Jump by 70% in One Year

A Christian persecution watchdog group released a major report this week chronicling a disturbing spike in anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe.

Vax; Vax; Vax; And again? And again?!

In yet another depressing "we told you so" for so called conspiracy theorists, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla had come out and said: "I think we will need a fourth dose."

Nearly EVERY child in England has fallen behind with education due to pandemic

Nearly every child in England has fallen behind in their education and suffered as a result of the Covid lockdown, a damning Ofsted report warned this week.

Angry inmates take swift revenge on Arthur's evil stepmother

ARTHUR LABINJO-HUGHES' stepmother, Emma Tustin, who tortured her stepson to death, has had her meals laced with salt by her cellmates in revenge for the abuse she carried out on the six-year-old.